Email Services Without Phone Number Verification

If you do not wish to share your phone number but want to create a free email service, there are options that you can choose from. Below, you can find a list of 10 email services that let you create an account on their platform without any requirement for phone number verification. You can create your email account instantly so here is list of best 12 email without phone number needed.

12 Email That Don't Need Phone Number

1.) Mail.com

Mail.com is a Germany based email service that allows you to create your email account on its platform without any phone number verification. To create an email account on Mail.com, go to the Mail.com sign-up page and fill up the form as instructed. Your mail.com email account will get created.


2.) Tutanota

Tutanota is one of the most secure email services available currently. If you were looking for an email account with reliable security and no-phone number verification, well, Tutanota is what you need. The email service comes up with 1 GB storage of space with zero-advertisements. To create Tutanota account, go to the link https://tutanota.com/ and click on the sign-up button. You will be directed to the next page where you will be prompted to fill up a form for the creation of your Tutanota email account.


3.) ProtonMail

ProtonMail is a Switzerland-based email service offering a free email account with 500mb storage and 150 emails per day. With ProtonMail, you can easily send encrypted emails to others. These emails are password protected and expire or get deleted in a few days. Moreover, you don’t need to go through the phone-number verification when creating an email account on ProtonMail. To create an account, go to https://protonmail.com/ and choose from the free or paid subscription.


4.) Yandex

 This Russian email service is also a good option if you do not wish to share your phone number for the email account verification. Although Yandex does ask for your phone number, you can skip it by selecting the option “I don’t have a telephone number” at the time of registration. To create a Yandex email account, go to the Yandex Mail sign up page and fill up the form as prompted.


5.) TempInbox

TempInbox is a free, anonymous, temporary email service which lets you have an email account without furnishing phone number verification obligation. However, this email service is for those users who wish to receive emails using it. If you are looking for such an email service, TempInbox is an ideal option. To sign up for TempInbox email, go to http://www.tempinbox.com/ and follow the on-screen instructions.


6.) Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla is another free disposable email address service provider that lets you create a temporary email without any obligation of phone number verification. Using Guerrilla email, you can create, use, and then remove it off right away. You don’t even need to sign-up for it like other email services. Moreover, you even attach a file of up to 150 MB using this email service. To use Guerrilla Mail service, just go to https://www.guerrillamail.com/ and create your temporary email address without phone number verification.

Guerrilla Mail

7.) OpenMailBox

OpenMailBox lets its users have a free anonymous email account with 5 GB of storage space. This webmail service is similar to Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook.com etc. If you wish to send a file attachment of size up to 500 MB in a single message, OpenMailBox can do that for you easily. Available in English, French, Italian, Irish, and Polish, OpenMailBox can be a good choice for some users. To create an OpenMailBox email account, go to https://www.openmailbox.org/ and look for the sign-up option.


8.) Inbox.LV

Inbox.LV is a popular email service of Latvia that allows the people to create an email account without any phone number verification requirement. What makes Inbox.LV an emails service you can go for is the availability of other free services apart from email service. This includes Inbox Calendar, Inbox Games, Inbox Foto, Inbox Files, and 20+ more services. To sign-up for Inbox.LV email account, go to the Inbox.LV sign-up page and fill out the provided form.


9.) Mailinator

This one is a different type of email service compared to the above-listed. Mailinator allows you to either create a public email address or use the one created by other users. This email service lets you keep your real email address safe from spammers. However, just make sure that you don’t use it for important stuff. To use Mailinator, just visit the website https://www.mailinator.com/. The interface is easy enough to understand the platform of this email service.


10.) Email on Deck

Email on desk works just like Guerrilla Mail. You can create a disposable email using Email on deck. Just prove that you are not a bot and you will get your free temporary email at your disposal. To use Email on Deck service, just go to their website https://www.emailondeck.com/ and follow the on-screen prompts to get your email account.

Email on Deck

11.) Mailnesia

Mailnesia is a temporary email tool that allows users a lot of useful features to carry out various email tasks. Some of the top features that users get with Mailnesia email are:

  • Automatically clicks on registration links
  • HTML Support
  • Multiple text encodings
  • Alternate domain names
  • Multiple text encodings
  • RSS Channel for every mailbox
  • Assignable alias for each mailbox

If you are looking for an email service with such options, Mailnesia is an ideal choice.


12.) GMX Mail

Provided by Global Mail eXchange (GMX), GMX Mail is a free advertising-supported email service available via webmail as well as IMAP4 and POP3 protocols. While there is no restriction on the storage space stated in GMX Mail, but they do pose a 50 MB attachment limit.

Well, GMX Mail doesn’t ask for the phone number verification during the sign up process, but it might ask you to provide an alternate email address. So, if you are willing to share an email address with them, you can surely fulfill your email obligations using a GMX Mail account. Just go to the GMX Sign up page and follow the instructions provided to register your account.

GMX Mail

So, these are some of the free email services that don’t ask for phone number verification.

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danielsPosted on 08:05:45 - December 2019, 28

yandex didnt require a phone number on sign up, but the 2nd time i tried to sign in it required a phone number

1Danial HrominhujPosted on 06:20:38 - January 2020, 01

I can't access any of my emails; accounts and I tried to set up a new email account but have been unsuccessful in that. My main emails were danialahrom{at}yandex.com and proton mail.com That latter one won't open and the Yandex one goes to the Yandex site, not the email site. I am at a loss of what to do! Danial Hrominchuk

Jessica WrightPosted on 05:14:12 - January 2020, 09

Not helpful

Celine DionPosted on 06:08:33 - February 2020, 10

Inbox.LV requires a verification phone number now!

MickeyPosted on 09:49:48 - February 2020, 13

BEWARE of Mail.com and GMX.com which are sister sites owned by United Internet in Germany. Each will block you for NO apparent reason and will NEVER unblock you.

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