How To Add Signature In iCloud Account?

iCloud email signature

In terms of email, a signature is basically a closing note that you add to your outgoing emails. A signature can be anything from your Name and Phone Number to your Organization’s Name, Website’s URL, Company Logo, Email Address etc.

If you wish to add a signature to your outgoing emails in your iCloud account, you can follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.

Steps to Add A Signature In iCloud Account

1.) On your computer, open a web browser, go to the iCloud Mail sign-in page and sign into your iCloud account.

2.) Once you are logged in to your iCloud Mail account, you will need to click on the Action pop-up menu (Gear icon) located in the sidebar and select Preferences option from the menu that appears on your screen.

3.) Next, you will need to click on the Composing option and select the “Add a signature” option.

4.) Then, under the “Add a signature” section, you will need to type the content for your signature in the provided text field.

5.) Once you are done adding the content for your signature in the text field, simply click on the Done button. Your signature will be created for your outgoing emails.

After creating the signature, you can send a text email to your email address and see whether the signature is appearing as per your expectation or not.

Steps to Remove An Email Signature From Future Emails

In case, you ever wish to stop adding the signature to your future outgoing email messages, you can simply remove it by following the instructions provided below.

1.) In your iCloud Mail account, click on the Action pop-up menu (Gear icon) located in the sidebar.

2.) In the menu, you will need to select the Preferences option and click on the Composing option.

3.) Once you are in the “Composing” section, you just need to uncheck the “Add a signature”. This will disable the current signature from getting added to your outgoing email messages.

4.) After deselecting the option, simply click on the Done button. Your email signature will get disabled for all your future email messages.

So, this is how you can easily create and disable the signature in your iCloud Mail account for your outgoing email messages.

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Can a company logo be added to an ICloud Mail signature?

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