List of Alternatives to ProtonMail – Top 10 Alternatives to ProtonMail

You are going to have a tough time switching your mailing experience from ProtonMail to another email service. And why wouldn’t it be? ProtonMail is known for its remarkable service and is a well-recognized “encrypted email service that takes a radically different approach to email security”. In 2014, it became the first email service to protect data with end-to-end encryption and since then there’s no looking back. Today, it is the most popular secure email service on the planet with millions of users worldwide.

One of the leading apps in the Security & Privacy category and described as “Secure email with absolutely no comprises, brought to you by MIT and CERN scientists”, users of ProtonMail would think twice before switching to any other email service. If you have to use another email service due to some reason, you shouldn’t settle anything less than ProtonMail. To make sure you have the best alternatives to ProtonMail, we bring you here a list of alternatives to ProtonMail. Take a look at the alternatives below and choose as per your convenience.

List of Alternatives to ProtonMail – Alternatives & Competitors

Looking for alternatives to ProtonMail? Let’s take a look at the best alternatives and competitors.

  1. Gmail from Google: You can trust Gmail with your eyes closed. Absolutely! Users of Gmail are blessed with numerous benefits including huge storage space, online anywhere access, free (cheaper) service, less manpower to maintain, easy search and organization, store Instant Messages (IM) and video conferencing, and security of data. As of October 2019, Gmail had more than 1.5 billion active users worldwide.
  2. Outlook from Microsoft: While looking for the best alternative to ProtonMail, you cannot miss out on Outlook. Here are the key benefits of why you should trust Outlook – Integration across email, contacts, and calendar, offline access to email, organize email to stay organized, scheduling meeting rooms, etc.
  3. Yahoo! Mail: Yahoo Mail from Yahoo lets you access and manage your mailbox using a webmail interface using a standard web browser. It is an email service that you must look forward to.
  4. Apple Mail: Do you wish to manage all your emails from a single, ad-free inbox? You will need Apple Mail. It has powerful search capabilities and boasts compatible service for iPhone devices. It is a reliable Mail app enhanced with improved features.
  5. Zoho Mail from Zoho Corporation: A secure email hosting service for businesses, Zoho Mail boasts an in-built collaboration platform and is well-integrated with all other applications. Zoho Mail comes in handy for large, medium, and small enterprises and freelancers, too.
  6. BlueMail: If you are a Windows user, BlueMail makes a great choice. It is a modern, mobile-first, and powerful email management tool that flaunts a unified inbox, sleek design, and support for all your accounts – POP3, IMAP, and Exchange.
  7. Microsoft Exchange Online: You may also opt for Microsoft Exchange Online for its calendar, hosted email, and contacts on your PC, web browser, and phone.
  8. Spike: If you have an existing email, you can use Spike. It is an amazingly interesting tool for collaboration and communication.
  9. IONOS 1&1 Email: When you want to represent your business with a customized email address and your domain name, IONOS 1&1 suits your needs. You will be able to manage your inbox with simple, secure, and affordable email hosting.
  10. SmarterMail from SmarterTools: SmarterMail is a third-party email solution designed for your webmail interface. It allows users to send/ receive emails easily by connecting to a web browser. You can use SmarterMail for Webmail, Contact Management, Calendar Management, and all email account management.

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