List of Best Email App for iPhone

best email app for iphone

An email has become a fundamental mean of communication in everyone’s lives be it personal or professional. With such a vast usage of email service, there has been an emergence of numerous email applications for mobile devices like the iPhone.

If the current email application on your iPhone doesn’t work as you expect it to, there are numerous other email applications that you can choose from. To know about some of the best email apps for your iPhone, go through the list provided below.

Top 5 Email Application for Your iPhone

1.) Gmail App for iPhone

gmail app for iphoneGmail is not only a Go-to email client for Desktop users, but it is also an ideal email application for iPhone users. The best thing about Gmail app is its capability to support multiple email accounts whether it is a Gmail or any other email account.

Another aspect that makes Gmail app useful for iPhone is the other Google products that come with Gmail. This includes Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Drive and more. So, whether you wish to manage calendar invites, edit documents or integrated file attachments, you can do all such task easily using the app.

2.) Outlook

outlook app for iphone

Although Microsoft Outlook doesn’t seem to be such a common name when it comes to its usage as an email application for iPhone, however, it is actually one of the best email applications for iPhone and other iOS products. The USP of Outlook email app is mainly its Focused Inbox.

The smart inbox of Outlook automatically prioritizes emails that it considers most important to you. Also, it organizes emails from contacts you interact the most. To check rest of your emails, all you need to do is just tap on the Other tab. Like Gmail, you can also sync it up with other services such as Dropbox.

Another interesting thing about Outlook is its quick-swiping gesture to schedule, archive, and delete emails. When you are getting so much in a single email app, you won’t have to look for any additional app to manage your emails on iPhone.

3.) Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail app for iphone

Once a global leader, Yahoo Mail is another email service that is not only compatible but also quite useful as an email application for the iPhone. Though you may not find Yahoo Mail app on many users’ iPhone, this doesn’t mean that it is not purposeful to carry out your emailing tasks.

Whether you wish to add multiple email accounts (both Yahoo Mail and Non-Yahoo Mail accounts) or wish to create an alias, Yahoo Mail is a perfect choice for your iPhone.

4.) Spike Mail

spike mail

While Spike email might not be as renowned as the above-mentioned email application but can be considered among the most exceptional email app in this list. The interface of Spike email seems to have taken a cue from applications such as iMessage and Facebook Messenger.

Its Mailbox makes emails appear as short messages. Things such as signature, headers, etc. of an email are stripped away, allowing you to focus on just the content of the email. Also, Spike email comes up with a priority inbox to help keep your inbox sorted with important emails.

If these are the features you wish to have in your email app, Spike email is perfect for your iPhone.

5.) Edison Mail


Edison Mail is a brilliant email application for your iPhone, mainly because of its ability to carry out tasks swiftly. While the Assistant feature of this email application helps you organize your emails automatically, the Undo Time Window (3 to 15 seconds) allows you to quickly retrieve your emails if you ever delete them accidentally.

Other useful features include snoozing and customizable swipe options. If you wish to try a new email app instead of the regular ones, Edison can be a decent alternative.

While there are numerous other email applications that you can choose from, these are some of the best and reliable email applications that you can use on your iPhone

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