Top 5 Best Email Clients For Windows, Mac, Linux

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Although today’s version of web-based email service has become quite feature-reach to compete with the desktop-based (Microsoft, Linux, Mac) email clients, there are some people who still wish to prefer desktop email software over the web-based one. And as there numerous options available in the industry, it might be confusing for some as to which one to go for.

To help such users, we have provided a list of 5 of the best email clients that you choose from. Each of the listed email clients has something unique to offer to the users. So, you will need to make the choice as per your preference and requirement.

5 Best Email Clients For Email Management

1.) Mozilla Thunderbird

For Windows, Mac, Linux

mozilla thunderbird

Yes, Mozilla Thunderbird has been discontinued since 2012, however, as it is still receiving maintenance updates, you can’t consider it a dead software. The company has, in fact, released a stable version update last year. Although you can’t expect a new advanced feature loaded version of this email client, even now it is absolutely usable email client for your emailing tasks.

Moreover, it is said that Thunderbird is the only free and open-source desktop email client which is worth making use of. Yes, there are definitely many open-source email clients available but they are cluttered with the confusing interface, unstable performance, and even lacking some important features. Considering these facts, Mozilla Thunderbird surely deserver a place in the 5 best email clients.

2.) Mailspring

For Windows, Mac, Linux


At the time of its inception, Nylas Mail (now Mailspring) created quite a sensation and was expected to make other email clients run for their money. However, then, the creators behind decided to do away with the email service and opened up its source for the public. Later, one of the original authors decided to re-launch Nylas Mail as Mailspring.

While keeping the project alive, the author optimized and enhanced a majority of internal components of the software, making it fast, RAM-efficient, quick to load and give a better performance.

Thunderbird is undoubtedly an email client for those who prefer reliability and brand, however, Mailspring is an email client which impressed the users with its fresh design, exciting, and a potential to be bigger in future.

Well, most of the features in Mailspring are available with the free version, but, if you wish to make use of the advanced feature, you will need to shell out a bit.

3.) Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Most of the readers will need no introduction to this email client as it has been in the game from quite a long long time. Coming from the house of world’s most trusted multinational technology company; Outlook is the email client that keeps you updated with almost all the latest features you need to carry out your personal or professional obligations.

You can easily add your personal and professional email account to this software and get access to all your emails from different accounts with just a click. It’s secure, user-friendly, and blazing fast features make it one of the best email clients available in the market.

4.) Mailbird


If this is the first time that you will be using an email client, then you may like Mailbird. However, if you are migrating from some other email client, you may or may not like it. When using this email service, you will feel familiar with some features, a bit impressed with others, and a bit disappointed as well with a couple of features.

All in all, giving it a try is no harm, Mailbird is quite slick and modern, and there is more to like about it than to hate it. Also, you need to know that Mailbird is a freemium app so you may face some restrictions unless you pay for it.

5.) eM Client

eM Client

eM Client can be said an all-in-one software capable of dealing with different official tasks and communications. While it is primarily designed as an email service, but it also includes nifty calendar, contacts organization, task management, and also a chat support feature. If you wish to sync it with Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, Office 365, or, you won’t face any sort of problem.

If you are ready to go for a paid version of eM Client, you will be able to sync an unlimited number of email clients, can use it for business purpose, and you will get VIP support and troubleshooting. So, if you wish to go for an email client other than the reputed ones, eM Client should not be a disappointment.

Although there are numerous email clients available in the industry, these are 5 of the best email clients you can expect to meet your requirements in most of the cases.

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