How to Block Emails in Outlook

block email in Outlook

If you are receiving a lot of unwanted emails or spam messages from someone in your Outlook email account, you can simply add his or her email address to your blocked senders’ list. Doing so will automatically move any new email from that particular blocked email address to the Junk E-mail folder in your Outlook account.

To know how to block emails in Outlook, follow the guide provided below.

5 Steps to Block Emails in Outlook:

1.) Open Outlook and select the email from the sender whom you wish to block.

2.) Now on the Home tab, locate and click on the Junk option. After that, click on the Block Sender. Outlook will add the sender’s email address to the blocked senders’ list.

NOTE: If you accidentally moved an email to the Junk E-mail folder, click on that email in the Junk E-mail folder and then select Home tab. Select Junk option and then click on the Mark as Not Junk option.

3.) In addition, If you ever wish to unblock a sender in your Outlook email account, you can do so by going to the Tools menu. Under the Tools option, click on the Junk E-mail Protection option.

4.) Now, under the Blocked Senders tab, in the Blocked Senders text box, select the email address or domain that you wish to unblock.

5.) Once selected, simply press the Delete key. The email address of the blocked sender will be unblocked. Emails in future from this email address will appear in the Inbox folder of your Outlook account as usual.

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