How to Use the Boomerang For Outlook Email Program?

Microsoft Outlook is an amazing platform offering useful features and functionalities to the users for carrying out both personal and professional tasks. While there are numerous options that come preloaded with the Outlook email program, for carrying out some other tasks, one may want to go for a third-party extension, add-ons, or plug-in. One of the best third-party extensions available for Outlook at present is Boomerang. This powerful extension has been launched for not only Outlook.com but also for Microsoft Office 365. Earlier, Boomerang was available only for Gmail, however, it is now also available for both Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook.com.

To know about Boomerang, its features, and how to use it, go through the information below. Let us begin by knowing what exactly Boomerang is.

boomerang for Outlook

About Boomerang

Boomerang is an excellent service with extra-ordinary functions. It allows the user to send and receive an email as per requirements such as per time and date. Previously, Boomerang was available as an add-on for Chrome and Gmail users. Well, now the service has been launched for Microsoft Outlook. Once you install the Boomerang, you can easily schedule an email for a later time, get read receipt, snooze email etc. Know how Boomerang is useful in helping you make the most of Outlook.

How Boomerang is Effective in Making the Most of Outlook Program?

Send Later Feature

The Send Later feature of Boomerang allows you to compose a message now, and then schedule it to send as a later time. While Outlook comes with a Delay Delivery feature, however, to use this feature, you will need to keep your computer turned on at the scheduled time to send the email. Well, this is not the case when using Boomerang. With Boomerang, you can simply schedule an email to be sent to a recipient for a later time and close your computer. The email will be sent at the scheduled time even when your computer is not turned on.

Easily Schedule Meetings

As said above, Boomerang lets you easily schedule an email to be sent to a recipient for a particular date or time. Well, not only this, with Boomerang, one can also schedule a time for their meetings times with the recipient of the email. Just select the meeting times that work for you and insert it into the email as a clickable image with which the recipient can interact and let you know his response to the meeting. No matter whether a recipient is accessing the email from a mobile device or an email platform; all he needs to do is click the time that suits them and meeting invites will be sent to the calendars of both and the meeting will be scheduled. And this is how Boomerang helps in saving a lot of time. No more back to back follow-ups for scheduling an email and meetings.

Follow up on Your Emails

If you have a busy inbox, you would agree that it is quite common to sometime unable to read certain messages, even the important ones. So, if one of the recipients of your email doesn’t respond to it, he might have skipped it unintentionally. While you can send the email again to the recipient, however, In such a case, Boomerang is an ultimate tool that can help you remind about your emails to the recipient. The automatic reminder in Boomerang is quite useful in taking care of the unattended emails. Boomerang helps by sending an automatic follow-up to the recipient for unread emails. So, next time you need to take a follow up of your email, Boomerang is what you need.

Access Email and Calendar at Once

Boomerang for Outlook is a context-aware tool, which means that it will detect the times and dates mentioned in emails in natural language. With Boomerang installed on Outlook, a calendar can be viewed while still being in the email box. Also, you can reply to prompts about your response to a scheduled meeting.

Rectify Human Errors from Meeting Scheduling

In addition to the above-mentioned feature, you can also schedule a meeting in an email without having to switch between the calendar and email. Thus helping a user eliminate mistakes that occur in the scheduling of the meeting. According to Boomerang – “this feature prevents you from accidentally double-booking yourself or accidentally sending the invite at the wrong time because of a transcription error”.

Now, as you know about the various advantages of Boomerang for Outlook, let us know how you can schedule an email using Boomerang for Outlook using the information provided below.

Schedule email using Boomerang for Outlook

Scheduling an email in Outlook using Boomerang is quite easy. The process is not very time consuming and can be done by following these steps:

  • First, you will need to make sure that you have an updated version of Outlook. Once you have an updated Outlook interface, you can easily add the Boomerang add-in to your email program and start using the tool.

NOTE: You can add the Boomerang app to your Outlook by installing through the Microsoft app store. Just go to the Microsoft App Store on your web browser and follow the on-screen prompts to install the Boomerang app to your Outlook email program.

  • Once you have installed the Boomerang app on your Outlook email program, you can start using it to schedule an email anytime. To schedule an email using Boomerang on Outlook, start by composing a new email and click on the button that says Add-ins.
  • Now, in the right pane, you will need to locate the Boomerang app on the list. Click on the app and authenticate it. You will need to authenticate the app when using it for the first time.
  • After successful authentication, you will need to click on the Send later option and set the desired time for the email to be sent at some particular time.

NOTE: You can choose any time from 4 hours to 1 month for scheduling an email on Outlook using Boomerang.

  • As you will complete these steps for scheduling the email, the email will be saved in the Draft folder of your Outlook account and will be sent at a predefined time.

NOTE: Another useful feature of Boomerang is that that you can easily push any email to the top at a predefined time. In order to do this, you will first need to open an email in your Outlook account. Then, you will need to locate an additional option called Boomerang inside the email. You will need to click on that button to expand all options. After expanding all the options, you will need to find the option to rearrange the email as per your requirements.

So, these are the most useful features of Boomerang for Microsoft Outlook. You can simply schedule your email as well as push any email to the top at a predefined time with the help of Boomerang for Outlook.

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