CenturyLink Email Password Reset – How to Change CenturyLink Email Password?

You must know the importance of changing your email password every 60 days to safeguard your email address. Doing this regularly wards off hackers and intruders from taking over your online existence. If you are looking for the correct steps to reset your CenturyLink email password, you have reached the right spot.

CenturyLink Email Password Reset Tips

Using public computers can prove to be a dangerous affair if you don’t change your password from time to time. It becomes easier for online intruders to make you their target. Check all the CenturyLink email password reset tips below to keep your online account safe & secure.

  • Go to the Home page of the CenturyLink website, i.e. https://centurylink.net/.
  • Click on the link that says “My CenturyLink”.
  • In the drop-down menu, you will next be prompted to click on the option “Change Email Password”.
  • A new browser will open where you must enter the current password in the desired field “Current Password”.
  • Now, in the “New Password” field, enter your new password.
  • Then, “Confirm New Password” by entering your new password again in the Confirm New Password field.
  • Click on the “Save” button.
  • You have successfully reset or changed your CenturyLink email password.

Tips for Strong CenturyLink Email Passwords & Why Do You Need One?

You need a password for your social media accounts, banking app, and computer logins. Agree? It is the first thing to think about the moment you step into the digital world. But the main challenge pops up when you fail to give a strong, solid one. Giving a loose password and easy-to-remember one would set you up for problems, ultimately making you an online victim. So, giving a secure password and changing it regularly would keep the hackers at bay.

Let’s understand how to give a strong and secure password –

  1. Do You Use an Easy-to-Hack? As per reports, about 3% of people use 123456 as a password. Some of the other most common passwords used by people in the year 2018/2019 are 123123, 123456789, password, qwerty, 12345678, 1234567, 12345, 11111, and iloveyou. If you have used and are still using these as your password, it is time to change your password. Feel lucky if you haven’t been cheated online because keeping these numbers as your passwords is like “leaving your front door unlocked” or open for anyone and everyone to come in. Your important details, including financial information, might get compromised. Or, imposters might take over your social media accounts.
  2. How Should You Create Strong Passwords? Take a look at some of the password dos and don’ts –
  • Password Do’s:
  • Make sure you keep your password at least 8 characters.
  • It should be a perfect mix of lowercase and uppercase letters, special characters, numbers (!@#$&^%). Keeping your password tough would demand brute force to break your fort.
  • Every 60 days – 90 days, change your passwords.
  • Password Don’ts:
  • Avoid using common keyword patterns like “qwerty”.
  • Avoid using common words including your important private data
  • Don’t repeat the old or previous passwords.
  • Avoid repeating the same passwords.

From doing business to staying connected and entertaining our souls, we are quite dependent on the most powerful tool – the Internet. Although it has become indispensable and brings so much joy, there’s no denying that it can harm if not handled well. Now that you are aware of the importance of resetting your passwords from time to time, you should stay online and safeguard your account from imposters.

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