How to Change iCloud Email?

change icloud account

Whether you need to access iTunes, App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime or any other Apple service, you need to have an Apple ID. Generally, your Apple ID comes with an iCloud Mail which you can use to send, receive, and organize email. If you ever wish to change your iCloud Mail associated with your Apple ID, you can easily do so by following the information provided below.

10 Steps to Change iCloud Mail

1.) On your Mac, PC, iPhone, or iPad, open a web browser, go to www.applied.apple.com. You will be prompted to sign into your account if you are not already.

2.) Sign into your account using your Apple ID and Password.

3.) Once you click on the arrow icon to login, you will need to verify your identity by either entering the verification code sent to your device or by answering the security question prompted on your screen.

NOTE: If you have two-factor authentication enabled in your account, you will need to follow the verification process accordingly.

4.) Next, go to the Account section, click or tap on Edit option located next to Reachable At.

5.) Then, in the next step, you will need to click or tap on the Change Email Address.

change email in icloud

6.) Now, you will be prompted to enter a new email address to replace the current one. So, enter the new email address in the provided field and click or tap on the Continue button. A verification code will be sent to your new email address.

7.) Go to your email account on which you received the verification code and open the email from Apple.

8.) In the email, you will need to click or tap on the Verify email address link in the email.

9.) Then, enter the verification code at www.applied.apple.com and click or tap on the Verify button.

10.) After that, simply click or tap on the Done button to complete the process.

And this is how you can change your iCloud Mail account in Apple. However, if you notice that the email address you are trying to add is already being used with another Apple ID, you will first need to remove it from that Apple ID by following above given instructions. After that, you can again try to add the email address to your Apple ID.

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