How to Change Password Of Yandex Mail

Whether you doubt that someone has access to your Yandex.Mail account or your password is not strong enough, or you have forgotten your password, you can easily change your password for your Yandex.Mail account whenever you wish to. To know how to change or reset the password for your Yandex.Mail account, follow the step-by-step directions provides herein.

Steps to Change Password of Yandex Mail account:

1.) Go to the Sign in a page of Yandex.Mail and click on the link Can’t sign in? located in the bottom section of the box. You will be directed to a new page.

2.) On this page, enter your username in the field Username or email. Enter the CAPTCHA from the image in the provided field. Once entered, click on the Next button.

3.) On the next page, you will be asked to enter your phone number. Enter your phone number in the provided field and click on the Send code button. You will receive a code on your Phone number.

NOTE: Make sure to add the country code to your phone number.

4.) Enter the code on the prompted field and click on the Confirm button. If the code gets verified successfully, you will be directed to password reset page. Enter a new password in the provided fields and click Next. Your password will be changed and you will be able to access your account.

5.) However, In case you would not have linked a phone number to your account, you will be asked to enter the answer to the security question selected by you at the time of the sign-up process.

6.) After entering the correct answer in the provided field, click on the Send button. If the answer matches correctly, you will be directed to next screen to reset your password.

7.) On this screen, you will simply need to enter your password in the provided fields and click on the Next button.

6.) In case you wouldn’t have linked any of your phone number with your Yandex.Mail account, you will be prompted to link a phone number.

7.) If you wish to add your phone number, enter it in the provided field and click on the Send code button. You will get a code on your phone number which you will need to enter in the provided field.

8.) Click on the Confirm button, your number will be linked to your Yandex.Mail account. However, if you don’t wish to add your phone number, you can click on the Skip and return to service button.

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