How to Chat with Somebody in Yahoo! Mail?

Yahoo Mail is not only a platform which allows you to send and receive emails and attachments but also includes many other useful and engaging features. One of such features that Yahoo Mail offers to its user is a facility to chat with other users. To know how to chat with somebody in Yahoo Mail, follow the guide provided below:

Guide to Chat with Somebody in Yahoo Mail

Before moving on to the steps, make sure you are using the full-featured version of the Yahoo Mail and not the Basic Mail version. To switch to full-featured version, go to the gear icon located on the top left corner of your Yahoo Mail page and select Settings option from the drop-down list. On the Settingswindow, scroll down and select the option Full-features located on the bottom-right corner. Then click on the Save button to save the changes.

1.) Now, to start chatting, make sure that you are logged in to chat. In case Offline is showing next to Me under Messenger in your Yahoo Mail’s left sidebar or if a bolt icon appears next to Messenger, click on the Offline option or the Bolt icon.

2.) In case you see a grey icon appearing next to Online Contacts in your Yahoo Mail’s left navigation bar, click on the bolt icon and make sure it turns yellow.

3.) You can then select Available, Busy or Invisible option from the list. Apart from this, if you want you can create a customized status as well.

4.) Click Messenger located in the top navigation bar, (or email address) located under To.

5.) Press Enter and type your message in the Add a message field.

6.) To send a message, you can either hit Enter. To start a new line with sending the message, you will need to press Alt + Enter.

So this is how you can easily chat with other users in your Yahoo Mail account.

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