How to Check Other Email Accounts with Yahoo! Mail?

For this busy generation, checking different email ids is a really time taking the job. That’s why Yahoo introduces a wonderful feature where you can check your other email accounts with your Yahoo account. So you don’t need to open and check different email accounts, your Yahoo account can serve the purpose. Right now, Yahoo mail can synchronize only with the following mail service providers like Gmail, Outlook, AOL and other Yahoo email addresses.

Steps to Add Gmail Outlook & AOL with Yahoo Mail:

These steps are used to access other POP3 email accounts via your Yahoo account from any web browser. To check other email accounts with Yahoo Mail, you need to sync Yahoo Mail with other email and folders with the additional account:

  1. Open your Yahoo Mail account from the web browser
  2. Now click on the Gear icon to access the Settings of your account.
  3. Click on the Account section
  4. Under the Email Address section, you can find Add another mailbox
  5. You can see a field after clicking on Add another mailbox tab. In the field, you need to add the other email address here.
  6. For Gmail or Google apps account you need to insert the full Gmail address and then click Add Mailbox. Now a Google login page will appear where you have to sign in and click Allow to permit Yahoo to access your Google email account. You can edit the name appeared on the send emails from by visiting Your name and then account. You need to give a new account name under the Description tab. Now click Save to proceed.
  7. To add your Outlook account including Windows Live Hotmail and MSN Hotmail accounts, you need to sign in to the Outlook account. You can open the Outlook account to another tab. If you are not log in, then do it immediately. Now insert your full Outlook email address in the field name Email Address. Now click Add Mailbox. Now allow Yahoo to access the account by clicking on Yes. Now you can check your Outlook account with your Yahoo account.
  8. To sync your AOL email id with the Yahoo email; you need to type your AOL email address in the box. Remember do not insert your username. You need to type the full AOL email address. Now click Add mailbox to add the address. You have to log in to the AOL email account and grant the permission by clicking Continue.
  9. You can edit the name of the sender from the account which is under the Your Name tab.
  10. Now click Done to check other email accounts with Yahoo Mail

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