How to Check Hotmail Junk Mail on Android?

Hotmail junk email on Android

For people peeping through various posts for information about how to check Hotmail junk mail on Android, we bring them this step-by-step guide. In this blog, we ensure you find all the steps and methods to check your Hotmail junk mail on your Android device without any issues.

Steps to Check Hotmail Junk Mail on Android

Facing difficulties in checking Hotmail junk mail on your Android phone? Refer to the following steps to deal with the issues.

  1. Setup Hotmail with Default Application:One of the methods to check Hotmail junk mail on your Android phone is to setup a Hotmail account using the default application on your phone. Here’s how to do it –
  • Launch the default app on your Android phone.
  • You will see all the email providers listed there.
  • Select Hotmail ( and tap the “Select Service” button.
  • Choose “”, enter your email address (to create your Hotmail account).
  • Provide the password when prompted and “Sign-in”.
  • The next screen will seek some info “Let this app access your info?” –
  • Sign you in
  • Sync and send mail
  • Sync your mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks, and send mail
  • Access your info anytime
  • View your basic profile
  • Press the “Yes” button (however, you can always change these app permissions in your account settings at any time).
  • You will receive an email through which you can retrieve your email with the Outlook app. (Also, you can choose to use the app on your Android device. If you do this, click the link sent to your email and do the syncing.)

2.) Once you have completed the setup process, tap your account menu in the app. You need to switch to the recently added Hotmail account.

3.) To check all junk mails, tap “Spam

Note: The above steps might vary depending on the device you use.

Another way to check your Hotmail junk mail on Android is given underneath. Have a glance at it –

  • Go to the login page of your Hotmail account and use the credentials to log in.
  • Open your Hotmail mailbox and go to “Settings”.
  • Tap “Options”.
  • This will ensure you see the section “Junk Email”.
  • Go through the section to see all the junk emails.

This is how you get to check junk emails on your Android phone.

You can use your Gmail app to check Hotmail junk mail on your Android phone. For that, you need to access your Hotmail account in the Gmail app. Let’s learn how to access Hotmail in the Google Mail app.

  • Open the Gmail app and open the sidebar.
  • Choose “Add account”> “Outlook, Hotmail and Live”.
  • Enter information as prompted (including your email address, password, and two-factor authentication if you use it).
  • Tap “Yes” to give the application permission to gain access to your account.
  • The emails will start to load from your Outlook account.
  • Now, in the Outlook app, tap your account in the top-left corner.
  • Switch to the recently added Hotmail account.
  • Tap “Spam” to check all junk mails.

All these above steps will help you check Hotmail junk mail on Android. When an email is pushed into the junk folder, it remains there for 10 days. After the stipulated time, it gets erased automatically.At any point within the given grace period, if you change your mind and want to access the junk mail, do it within the given 10 days.

For any questions or technical help, consider reaching out to the professionals. They know how to deal with every query.

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