How to Check Storage Size in Yahoo Mail?

storage in Yahoo mail

Yahoo email has become an integral part of daily life of its users. Yahoo users are highly dependent on Yahoo! Mail for basic email communication, their calendar, email contact list and instant messaging. In fact, the Yahoo email has reached up to the height of an alternative for email communication.

Yahoo users love to share high-quality images, videos, and large files with their emails. This is to keep the communication more clearly and of course to enhance it. There are many ways you can utilize Yahoo email account for sharing and exchanging videos and photos.

Yahoo users should understand that there is a limited space size available for Yahoo users to keep and store files in their accounts. This includes all the emails, attachments, videos, photos and audio files. This requires a lot of space on your Yahoo Mail account.

Here you need to understand that the Yahoo users are limited with 1 TB space on their email account. Once this will be completely exhausted, then; you need to free up some space or buy storage space. But, how would you know that the available space in your account; here we have this quick guide for you

How to Check Storage Size in Yahoo Mail

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account
  2. Then, mouse over the Settings menu icon and select Settings option
  3. And, click on Accounts option
  4. In this section, next to 1TB of storage is the percent of storage used and rest is available for use

You can see, that how much space left in your Yahoo Mail account and if you are running out of storage space, simply delete unwanted emails and attachments those are no use in the future. It is advised to use the space carefully to avoid any low space error.

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