How To Choose An Email Address?

While it doesn’t matter a lot when you create an email address for personal use, however, when it comes to professional use, you would want to have an email address which is simple and sophisticated. This is when you would wish to create a new email address. Although some email services do provide you the option to create an alias for your same email address rather than creating a fresh email address, then also you might want to know what things to keep in mind when choosing an email address. To help you with that, we have provided some tips to easily choose an email address that compliment in the manner you want it to.

Suggestions On How To Choose an Email Address

1.) Stick To Your Name

Creating an email address with your name is considered to be more professional and easy-to-remember for others. Also, an email address with your name can be used for years. It would be showing same professionalism and impression in future compared to an email address created with something other than your name. Yes, you may not be able to create an email address with your name available unless you have a quite a unique name and surname. In such a case, you can add a couple of numbers, your middle name, underscores etc. to make it unique and available.

For, example, if your name is James Anderson, chances of finding James Anderson available for a new email address is quite less, so you can try the following combinations:

2.) Don’t Want To Use Your Name?

If you don’t wish to use your name for your email address, you will need to be creative to think of an address you can use. This all depends on your creativity. You can create an email address using things like your favorite sport, pet, hobby, country, celebrity, TV show, color etc. Once you have decided about it, make it work for your email address that you are going to create. You can mix and match different elements from your available options to create a unique and impressive Email address.

3.) Creating a Family Email Address?

If you are looking to create an email address which will be used by your entire family, you would want to make your email address reflect the same. In such a case, you would want to consider creating an email address which includes things like your last name, number of people in your family, or simply adding the word “family” with your surname. You can create such an email address by following these combinations.

4.) Couldn’t Find The Exact Email Address You Want

If you are unable to find the exact email address you want to have for yourself, there are two ways you can make it work. The first method is to try changing the spelling a bit in such a manner that it appears and sounds like the one you want to have. Another method is to, look for other email services than the one you are creating on. If you are looking to create the email address on Gmail but the username is not available, you can try the same username on Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Mail.com, Yandex Mail etc. You are most likely to find one of the email services to give you exactly what you want in your email address.

So, these are the ways you can easily choose an email address as per your requirement.

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