What are the Common Gmail Account Login Errors?

Gmail login error

There are numerous possible reasons for Gmail login errors, while some of them are easily recognizable, others may require a little workaround in order to get rid of it. Some of the common Login errors that users generally face are mentioned below.

List of Common Gmail Account Login Errors

1.) You forgot your Gmail account’s password.

2.) You forgot your email address or username which you used to use to access your Gmail account.

3.) Someone else is having access to your account.

4.) You are having an issue with two-step verification.

5.) You know your Gmail username and password, but still, you are not able to log in.

6.) Unable to reset your password with a code by text.

Apart from the above-mentioned common Gmail Login Errors, there can be numerous other reasons that could be causing a sign-in error. In order to fix such error in your Gmail account, follow the instructions provided below.

5 Steps to Fix Common Gmail Account Login Errors

1.) Open a web browser on your computer and go to Google Account Help via link –

2.) When the Google Account Help webpage gets opened in your browser, you will get a list of issues.

3.) You will need to select the most appropriate issue from the list to fix the sign in error of your Gmail account.

4.) As you will select an issue from the list, you will be directed to the solution for that particular issue.

5.) You will need to follow the given instructions carefully in order to get rid of the sign in error in your Gmail account. Once you have followed the instructions as given, you are most likely to get access to your Gmail account.

So, this is how you can easily fix Gmail Login Errors.

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