How to Contact Gmx Mail Support Service

contact GMX mail support

GMX Mail is a free email service offered by GMX (Global Mail eXchange). A user can access GMX Mail via webmail as IMAP 4 and POP3 protocol. Apart from email address, a GMX Mail user also gets useful features such as Mail Collector, Address Book, File Storage, and Organizer. Every user is allowed to register no more than 10 individual GMX email address. With more than 11 million active users, GMX Mail is a reliable and fast email service provider. However, even after being reliable and useful email service, GMX Mail is prone to several issues and errors while accessing or operating any feature in GMX Mail account. In case you experience any sort of problem in your GMX Mail account, you can get in touch with the GMX Mail support center for appropriate assistance.

Guide to Contact GMX Mail Support:

Whether you have forgotten your password, or whether you are unable to send or receive an email in your GMX Mail account, you can get instant assistance from GMX Help Center.


At GMX Help Center, you can seek assistance for your problem by browsing through different categories as per your problem. GMX Help Center comprises multiple categories such as Forgot your password, E-mail, GMX mail app (iOS), Your Account Contacts, File Storage, Getting Started, 3rd party email applications, Organizer.

So, if you are having a problem with your GMX Mail app on iOS, you can go to that particular category and read related articles as per the problem you are facing. Also, you can go through the FAQs available in all categories. For most of the problems, you are most likely to find a suitable solution.

However, in case you are unable to get a solution to your problem by browsing through related Category and FAQs, you can send your query to GMX Mail customer support. To do that, you will need to locate the contact us link given on the GMX Help Center page. So, go to Help Center page and locate the message – In case you are experiencing any issues with your GMX account, please contact us.

Click on the Contact us (highlighted in blue) link, you will be directed to a new window where you will be prompted provide your Name, GMX Email Address, and Contact Email Address, Browser version, last successful login information etc. Also, you will need to select the appropriate topic from the drop-down menu under Your Topic. If you want, you can also send a message of the question under the box – Your Message/Question. When done, simply hit the Send button located below on the page. GMX support team will inspect your problem and provide you suitable solution to your problem at the earliest. Make sure to frequently check your alternate email address which you provided. GMX may try to contact you via this email address in case you are unable to access your GMX Mail account.

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