What Are Cox Email Settings For Outlook Client?

The subscription of the Cox package comes with a free email account for the user. If you have bought any subscription from Cox and looking to access it via Outlook email client, you will need to have Cox Email Settings. To know about the Cox email settings and to configure it in the Outlook program, follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.

Cox Email Settings

When you configure an email account, you are most likely to be asked for the email settings of that particular email service. Similarly, when you will be setting up your Cox email account, you will need to configure it with following IMAP or POP/POP3 server settings:


  • Your Name: Enter your name
  • Email Address: Enter [email protected]
  • User Name: Enter the first part of your Cox email address (without

Note: The user name and password you need to enter here are same as the one you use to access your email account at

  • Password: Enter your email account password
  • Account Type: IMAP

Incoming Mail Settings

  • Server name: Enter
  • Port number: 993 with SSL enabled and the authentication box checked, if available

Outgoing Mail Settings

  • Server name:

NOTE: Check the Port number and make use of one of the following options given below.

  • 587 with TLS enabled
  • 465 with SSL enabled and the authentication box checked, if available
  • Use SSL / TLS: Yes (Cox user name and password required)


  • Incoming POP port: 995
  •    Use one of the following outgoing SMTP ports:
  • 587 with TLS enabled
  • 465 with SSL enabled and check the authentication box, if available

Steps to Configure Cox Email Account on Outlook

1.) On your computer, open Outlook program and click on the “File” tab.

NOTE: In case you see Microsoft Outlook Startup Wizard on your screen, simply click on the Cancel button to exit from the Wizard.

2.) Next, you will need to enter “Add Account” under the Account Information section.

3.) On the next screen, you will need to click on the “Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types” and click on the Next button.

4.) Then, you will need to select the Internet E-mail radio button and click on the Next button.

5.) Complete the required fields under the User Information section, including your name, complete email address (with extension).

6.) After that, you will need to select the POP3 option from the drop-down menu in the Server Information section. Enter under the Incoming Mail Server field and under the Outgoing Mail Server field.

7.) Next, enter your complete Cox email address and password in the Login Information section. Select the checkbox if you wish Outlook to remember your password. And, make sure not to select the “Logon using SPA” option.

8.) Then, you will need to go to the More Settings box and select the Advanced tab in it. Under the Advanced tab, select SSL option under the Server Port Numbers section for Outgoing Server (SMTP). Enter 465 for SSL encryption.

9.) Similarly, under Incoming Server (POP3) section, select the check box next to “The Server Requires an Encrypted Connection”. Also, select SSL and enter 995 as the port value.

10.) After that, you will need to click on the Next button to test the settings and then on the Finish button to complete the process.

So, these are the Cox email settings and this is how you can easily configure your Cox email account on Outlook.

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