How to Create Email Group in Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook users have the facility to create email group in outlook or a distribution list from their contact list. One can store that newly created group in the Contact folder. If you don’t know how to create an email group in outlook, follow the below mentioned steps.

Steps to Create Email Group in Outlook:

Create an email group in outlook or distribution list is a two-step process. While in first steps, you will need to decide the location where you would like to save the group such as in an Address Book or in Contacts’ folder, second steps it to add desired contacts to the group. Here are the steps.

Outlook 2010

1.) On the homepage of your Outlook, click on the Address Book option to access your Address Book.

2.) Now, click on the list below Address Book and choose Contacts.

3.) Next, go to the File menu option and click on the New Entry option.

4.) Then, click New Contact Group under Select the entry type option.

5.) Click on the option In The Contacts located under Put this Entry. This will help you decide as to where you want your new distribution list to get saved.

6.) When done, click on the OK button. Your newly created group is now ready to be saved in the Contacts’ folder. It will also open a new untitled group form.

Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007

1.) Go to the Tools menu and click on the Address Book to access your Address Book.

2.) Next, click on the Contacts option under Show Names from the list.

3.) Then, go to the File > New Entry or select New Entry button located on the toolbar.

4.) After that, select New Distribution List option located under Select the entry type.

5.) Next, click On The Contacts option located under Put this Entry. This selection will decide where your new group list gets saved.

6.) Finally, click on the OK button. You newly group is now ready to be saved in the Contacts’ folder. Also, a new untitled group form will be opened at this point.

Now, once you are done performing the above steps as per your Outlook version, you can start adding contacts to this new group as suggested in next steps.

Create email group in Outlook 2013 and Later Version

1.) Type the name of your newly created contact group in the Name box.

2.) Click on the Add Members button to include members from your Address Book entries or Contacts.

3.) Click Save And Close to save the new group list. The name of the members in group list will appear bolder to other entries in the contact folder.

NOTE: for Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, you will see Select Members option instead of Add Members option.

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