How to Delete All AOL Emails At Once?

delete all AOL email

AOL is a well known web-based email application that offers great flexibility to its users for customizing email data. Available for free of costs and easily compatible with all web-browsers, AOL is appreciated for its ability to store large data files in its large storage space.

Not only this, AOL Mail offers great protection against, viruses, spam emails, and online attacks. However, even after being a reliable and secure program, there are certain issues that may prevent users from accessing any feature or performing any task. One of such issues is with deleting all emails at once in AOL Mail account.

If you are also having an issue deleting AOL Mails all at once, following guide will help you know the ideal way to remove all AOL Mails easily and quickly.

3 Steps to Delete All AOL Emails At Once:

1.) Delete Single Email: If you wish to delete a single email in your AOL Mail account, simply open the email which you want to delete and click Delete.

2.) Delete Multiple Emails: If you are looking to delete multiple emails in your AOL Mail account, simply press a Ctrl key on your keyboard and select the multiple emails which you want to remove from your account.

3.) Delete Multiple Consecutive Emails: If you are planning to delete emails in consecutively from your AOL Mail, simply press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard and select the first email which you want to delete.

Then while you keep holding the Shift key and select the last email from the list. This will select all the emails in between the first and last email. After that, click Delete. All the emails from your AOL Mail will get deleted.

So, these are the three ways to delete all AOL emails.

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carl de boorPosted on 08:59:04 - May 2019, 28

the third method did not work for me. Clicking on a message while holding down the shift key did not mark the message. Rather, click on the first message to mark it. Then click on it again while holding down the shift key but then, how do you get down to the last message when it is serveral windows-worth down the list?

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