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How to Delete Folders in AOL Mail

delete folders in aol
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Want to delete folders in AOL Mail but don’t know how to do it? Well, in this guide, we will tell you how to delete folders in your AOL Mail account easily and quickly. Just follow the step-by-step instructions given on below, and you will learn to remove folders manually in your AOL Mail account.

Steps to Delete Folders in AOL Mail Account:

1.) Go to the Start option on your computer and double click on the Local Disk (C:).

NOTE: In case you are using Windows 10, simply click in the Search Bar located on the bottom section of the screen and type This PC and hit Enter when the result gets displayed. On the other hand, if you are a Windows 8 user, you will see Computer icon on your desktop. If there is no Computer icon, simply press and hold Windows key on your keyboard and press C.

2.) Under Local Disk (C:) drive, go to the Program Files and locate the folder with name AOL or America Online. Right-click on it and select Delete from the menu list.

3.) If you are prompted to confirm your action, click on the Yes button.

4.) Next, double-click on the Common Files folder. Locate and Right-click on AOL folder. Press Delete key on your keyboard. If prompted to confirm your action, click on the Yes button in the dialog box.

5.) Similarly, you will need to delete the AOLshare folder. Also, it is recommended to remove AOL files from the ProgramData and AppData folder.

  • To remove AOL files from ProgramData, go to Local Disk (C:) > ProgramData. Right-click on AOL, Americal Online, and press Delete
  • Likewise, to delete AOL files from AppData: go to Local Disk (C:) > Users > Windows Login Name or Administrator. Open AppData > Roaming and then Right-click on AOL or America Online. Press Delete
  • For Windows 10, users can delete AOL files from AppData by clicking on the Search Bar located in the bottom-left corner of the screen and typing %appdata%. Press Enter key on your keyboard and Right-click AOL and select Delete. Then click X to close the window.

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