How to Delete Folders in AOL Mail?

delete folder in AOL mail

AOL Mail allows you to create a separate folder for your particular emails in AOL mail account. You can use this feature in order to organize your emails for better access to them. In case, you are looking to delete folders in your AOL Mail account, you can follow the instructions provided in this guide.

However, when deleting a folder completely from your AOL Mail account, make sure that you have thoroughly considered the fact that once you delete a folder, all the emails and attachments in it will also be permanently removed from your account.

If you wish to backup your important emails from the folder, this is the time as after following the below-mentioned steps, you will not be able to recover any emails or attachments from the deleted folder.

5 Steps to Delete Folder in AOL Mail Account

1.) On your computer, open a web browser and go to the AOL sign-in page.

2.) Enter your username and password in the prompted fields and sign in to your AOL Mail account.

3.) Once you are logged in to your AOL Mail account, move your mouse cursor to the left-hand side under Folders section and click on the Settings icon (Gear icon).

4.) From the options you get by clicking Settings icon, simply click on the Delete option. This may pop-up a box notifying that folder is not empty.

5.) In the popped-up box, click on the OK button to confirm the deletion of your folder.

If you don’t want to delete your folder, you also have the option to rename the folder.

To know how to rename a folder in your AOL Mail account, follow the instructions provided below.

5 Steps To Rename Folder In AOL Folder

1.) On your computer, sign into your AOL Mail account.

2.) Once you are logged in to your AOL Mail account, go to the left-hand side panel and click on the Settings icon (Gear icon) for the folder which you wish to rename.

3.) Clicking on the Settings icon will open an Edit Folder window on your screen.

4.) In the Edit Folder window, simply change the existing name of the folder to your desired name.

5.) After that, click on the Save button to save the new name of the folder. The name of the folder will be renamed.

So, this is how you can easily delete a folder in your AOL Mail account.

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robin dinsmorePosted on 02:19:09 - October 2018, 08

When I right click on the empty folder I wish to delete an "Ad"(vertisment) is within the empty folder. This is true for all those that are empty that I wish to delete. It says "AdChoices". All words when right click on empty folders are "grayed out. I'm frustrated. Please HELP.

Diane E MeierPosted on 08:09:10 - November 2018, 23

I find no settings icon.

Jeffrey schwartzPosted on 03:19:41 - November 2018, 25

I do not see the gear icon below the folders icon in the mail view. In the home screen view I do not see my folders or the folders label or the gear icon. Any other thoughts on how to delete a mailbox folder?

Debbie DeVoncePosted on 03:53:30 - February 2019, 15

I want to delete some folders in aol on my I phone. None of these tips work. Any more suggestions?

Gayle BosmaPosted on 08:27:24 - February 2019, 16

I find no symbol for deletion when I open an empty folder in my mail folder list! I wish to delete these empty folders. I am successful in deleting folders that contain files. Thanks.

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