How To Delete Outlook Account?

delete Outlook account

When thinking of deleting Outlook Account, it would mean that you will be unable to use it to sign in to any associated Microsoft products and services anymore. So, before deleting your Outlook account, make sure cancel subscriptions, and take a backup of everything important such as files in your OneDrive account, email messages in Outlook.com, money from gift cards etc.

Also, it is best to let your contacts know how to get in touch with you after your Outlook account email address is not available anymore.

Things to Consider before Delete Outlook Account:

  • Make sure to use the money in your account as you won’t be able to use the money once you delete your
  • Also, clear all your Skype credits.
  • If you have taken any subscription, make sure to cancel them before deleting your account.
  • Inform your contacts as to how to reach you once your close your Outlook account.
  • Take a backup of your files and data as once you will delete your account, you will not be able to access any important file or data from your Outlook account.
  • If you have any device associated with Outlook account, make sure to make changes to it as well.
  • Also, do not forget to manage your kids’ Microsoft accounts.

6 Steps to Delete Outlook Account:

1.) Go to Delete outlook account through the link – https://goo.gl/5xg9ax

2.) Clicking on this link will prompt you to sign in to your Microsoft account which you wish to delete. So, make sure you enter the correct information.

3.) Once signed in again make sure that that the page which opens is showing the correct Microsoft account. Once checked, click Next.

4.) You will get a list to read. Once you are done reading it thoroughly, click on the checkboxes to acknowledge that you have read and understood every point.

5.) Them you will get a drop-down list with multiple reasons. Select the reason due to which you are deleting your Outlook account.

6.) Finally., select Mark account for permanently delete Outlook Account.

This is how you can easily delete outlook account but always think twice before deleting your outlook account.

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