How to Delete Roadrunner Email Account?

A popular email service used by millions of people for their personal and business needs is Roadrunner Email. Comes with a plethora of amazing features and outstanding security, Roadrunner remains a top-notch choice. What amazing about the Roadrunner account is that it can be set up in various mail clients, Android, and iPhone devices.

This allows users to send and receive Roadrunner emails on the go. They simply need an active Internet connection. With all these amazing things, why would someone look for information on how to delete a Roadrunner email account?

Deleting your Roadrunner email account wouldn’t take much time. With professional help around and particularly this informative blog, you can delete your Roadrunner email account within a few clicks.

Top Reasons to Delete Roadrunner Email Account

No matter how big the brand Roadrunner is, the users of the Roadrunner email account never stop complaining about various issues and challenges. Let’s dive deep and unearth some reasons that would compel you to get rid of your email account.

  • Failing to send’ receive emails
  • Failing to reply to important emails
  • Cannot login
  • The email account is not working
  • Excessive spam
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Frequent error messages
  • Issues with Roadrunner server settings
  • Failing of attachments
  • Password reset problems

These issues with your Roadrunner email account might have pushed you to think of deleting your account permanently. Before you take that drastic step, think again, and have a look at some of the benefits of having a Roadrunner email account –

  • Multiple accounts can be managed easily with a single Roadrunner Master Account.
  • This is a fantastic platform for communication.
  • You can attach files with a size of 25 MB.
  • The account can be set up on any device with the help of account protocols.
  • Your Roadrunner email account can be accessed on any operating system.
  • Excellent features like blocking and filtering help you get rid of spam messages.

Still, want to delete your email account? You must know that there are two types of Roadrunner email accounts – Master Account and sub-users. Accounts that belong to sub-users can be deleted by following a few steps (mentioned below). In the case of a Master Account, you will need to speak to the official staff. The professionals are available round the clock. Just dial Roadrunner Customer Support Phone Service Number and you will be well-attended by certified personnel.

How to Delete Sub-User Email Account of Roadrunner?

As stated above, you might have created two accounts, i.e. a Master Account and a sub-user account. In this section, you will learn about deleting your sub-user Roadrunner email account. Let’s go through the steps below –

  • If you are the Master Account user, sign-in to your Roadrunner Master Account using the credentials.
  • Look for the link that says “Manage User” (next to the email account you want to delete) in the window “User Management”.
  • Click on the “Delete” button.
  • Click on the “Update” button.

Your Roadrunner email account is now successfully deleted. This was the sub-user account that you just have deleted. You still have your Master Account. Deleting your Master Account would ensure that you will have no business left with Roadrunner. Still, want to delete? Call on the Roadrunner technical support number. The support team can resolve any query related to your account on call.

You can always create a Roadrunner email account whenever you want and access its emails on your iPhone, too.

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