Discord Email Is Already Registered – Here’s What You Need to Do

Did you run into this error – “Discord Email is alary registered”? Before you rush to seek the attention of Discord customer support, make sure you are not using the same email address to create another Discord account. It won’t allow you to create a second account or multiple accounts with the same email address associated with Discord. In most cases, however, you might end up creating another (new) account, instead of signing in to your already created account.

If you already have an account (as you run into the Discord Email is already registered error), you must learn the steps to log into your already claimed account. Are you looking for the steps here and log into the already claimed account?

How to Fix the ‘Discord Email Is Already Registered’ Error?

Read through the guide and fix the “Discord Email is already registered” issue. You can fix the problem in 5 easy steps.

  1. If you have accessed your Discord account before, you need to access a new incognito browser. For this, you can use Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.
  2. After launching the incognito browser, navigate to discord.com/login.
  3. On this page, you will see the email address and password options. Enter your email address associated with your Discord account. After that, click on the option that says “Forgot Your Password”.
  4. Within a short while, you will receive a “Password Reset” email. It will carry a link to assist you to create or reset your password.
  5. You need to reset the password. Once you are done, access the account that you have originally created with your email address.

There you go! Following the above steps meticulously can help you fix the error and help you access your Discord account with your original email address.

Hope these steps come in handy and you continue to enjoy your space with your friends. You may reach out to the technicians if the issue persists.

Things to Do before Logging into Already Claimed Account

As you get ready to fix the “email already registered with Discord”, you shouldn’t ignore these important factors.

  • You need to stay signed in through the desktop version of your Discord account.
  • You can also use the mobile app version if you want.
  • Before attempting, you should know the email address and password.

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Contact Discord Customer Support

Couldn’t resolve the ongoing “Discord email is already registered” issue? You can contact the support team and get rid of the problem within no time.

  • Discord Help Center: The Help Center of Discord is the ultimate place to find answers to all your queries and concerns. Access the page, enter your question, and find your required answer.
  • Submit a Request: Access the Submit a Request page and let the officials know how they can help you with.

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