Best 5 Email Client For MAC

best email clients for Mac

Email service has become an indispensable part of almost everyone’s lives. One or the other time, a person needs to use an email service for carrying out various email-related tasks.

If you are looking for an email application for your Mac system, you can go through the information provided below in this guide. Here, you will find information about some of the best email applications that you can use on your Mac system for carrying out various email-related tasks.

List of 5 Best Email Client for MAC

1.) Apple Mail

Apple Mail is always going to be a top choice for your Mac, mainly because they both belong to the same parent company, Apple. The compatibility of Apple Mail on Mac is unquestionable.

No matter what you ask it to do, it does precisely that. Simply add your mailboxes; the email program will automatically build a traditional looking mail app (with a universal inbox). Apple Mail supports all the primary emails services such as iCloud, Outlook, Gmail, Exchange, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.

So, if you have multiple email accounts to set up, Apple Mail can easily manage them for you.

2.) Microsoft Outlook

If you prefer features over simplicity, then, Outlook is the email app where your search ends. Whether you wish to add multiple email accounts such as Microsoft accounts, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, and Gmail or wish to configure with standard IMAP and POP3 email addresses.

Though you may not like the UI of the application, however, when it comes to features, it can carry out all your email-related tasks effortlessly. One factor which is worth noticing about Outlook is its Focused Inbox feature that prioritizes important emails for you by keeping them in a separate tab.

Microsoft Outlook can be a reliable email app for your Mac, especially if you need it for performing professional tasks.

3.) Airmail

Airmail is a prompt and smooth email program that doesn’t try to impress you with features that you don’t need. Not only you get keyboard shortcuts to perform different tasks but also you can set your own custom shortcuts for speeding up your email tasks.

Your conversions are threaded by subject and you get a Quick Reply button that allows you to reply to emails in-line. Similarly, there are numerous other features that will make you go for Airmail on your Mac system.

4.) Spark Email

Spark Mail is a desktop email program that tries to impress you with Gmail-like features. It comes with a lot of useful features such as the option to snooze emails, sorting of inbox, follow-up reminders and lots more. One of the best things about Spark email is the option of collaborative composing which allows the user to invite others to collaborate and proofread an email in real time.

If you were looking for an email application with such amazing features, you can surely give a try to Spark email.

5.) Canary Mail

Canary Mail is a perfect email application for you if security is your concern. This is because Canary Mail is known for supporting end-to-end encryption process which allows on the recipient to be able to read your email. You can enable encryption with a single click when composing an email.

Apart from the security feature, Canary Mail also offers a wide range of tools that helps you enhance your productivity. These tools include Focused Inbox (like Outlook), Smart Search, Snooze Emails, tools to check the status of your emails whether the recipient has read it or not, and many other useful tools.

So, these are some of the best email applications that you can use on your Mac system

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