How To Send Encrypt Email In Gmail? Check Now

send encrypt email in Gmail

Although Gmail doesn’t come with an inbuilt option to send encrypted emails directly from its platform, however, there are some workarounds that can help you easily send coded emails to recipients from your Gmail account.

To know how to make Gmail send encrypted emails, follow the instructions provided in the following workarounds below.

4 Add-ons To Send Encrypted Emails in Gmail

As said above there is no direct option provided by Gmail to send encrypted email, but you can use some add-on to send encrypting outgoing email in Gmail.


1. Encrypted Communications

encrypt email in gmail

If you are accessing your Gmail account via Firefox, you can go for Encrypted Communications extension. Just add the extension to your Firefox web browser and restart it. Next, open your Gmail account in the browser and compose an email which you wish to encrypt.

After composing the email, right-click mouse button to see “Encrypt Communication”. Enter the password and click on the OK button. Your email will be encrypted and be ready to send. Click on the Send button and make sure that the recipient too has the add-on installed in his web browser to see the email.

The recipient will need to right-click, select Decrypt Communication option and enter the password to view the content of the encrypted email.

2. Encipher.IT

On your Firefox web browser, go to the page, drag the icon to the bookmark bar and then go to your Gmail account. Compose your email and then click on the bookmarks button. You will be asked to enter the password and then click on the encrypt option. In case you are the one receiving the email, click on the bookmark option, entered the password and decrypt the email.


1. Sendsafely

If you are using Google Chrome web browser to access your Gmail account, you can go for Sendsafely extension. Just add Sendsafely extension to your Chrome browser, go to Gmail and compose the email you wish to encrypt.

Send the email to the recipient and make sure that he/she also has the Sendsafely extension installed in his Chrome browser to decrypt and access the email. Alternatively, you can also use a security question option instead of usual password criteria to encrypt and decrypt email.

Just click on the checkmark by Encrypt to open the question/answer box. Fill up the field and then hit Encrypt + Send button to send the encrypted email. The recipient will get your email with a link that will prompt him/her to answer the question with which you encrypted the email.

2. Enlocked Anywhere

encrypt email in gmail

If you do not wish to add an extension to your Chrome browser, you can make use of services like Enlocked which is based on Pretty Good Privacy. Enlocked comes as a plug-in for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Outlook and also Internet Explorer. You can also install it as an app for iPhone and Android.

So, these are the options available to send encrypted email in Gmail.

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