How to Report Spam Email To Yahoo

Spam Emails in Yahoo Mail account or even in any other email accounts are said to be the most irritating problem. These emails not only flood your inbox with unnecessary emails but also make your Yahoo Mail account vulnerable to hackers and other online threats. In order to get rid of Spam issue you can report spam email to yahoo and there are certain measures you need to take. Following are the measures that can help you to report spam email to yahoo.

How To Report Spam Email To Yahoo:

1.) Sign in with your Yahoo Mail account and open the email which you suspect as a Spam message. Once the message gets opened, click on the Spam button located at the top menu bar.

2.) Alternatively, if you want to select multiple Spam email messages, click on the checkbox located next to each message in your mailbox. Once you have selected all the Spam emails, click on the Spam button in the menu bar located at the top.

3.) Moreover, if you are getting spam from a particular email address, you can block the email address. To block the email address, click on the gear icon located on the top-right side of your Yahoo Mail account’s page.

4.) From the drop-down list, click on the Settings option. A new window will open up.

5.) Under Settings window, select the Blocked Addresses tab. Under the tab, enter the email address which you want to block in the field next to Add an address.

6.) Once entered, click on the Block button and click on the Save button.

Additional Tips to report spam email to yahoo

  • Create Spam filter for your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Turn off read receipts and images.
  • Subscribe to authentic websites only.
  • Avoid opening unfamiliar emails in your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Use multiple email accounts and try to use a particular email address for signing up for email newsletters, purchasing online, participating in contests etc. This will help keep your personal or professional from getting flooded with spam emails.

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