How to Flag a Message for Follow-Up in Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo Mail lets you highlight your important email for easy access whenever required. With Yahoo Mail, you don’t need to keep track of your email for future reference. Just flag the important email in your inbox and follow-up conveniently whenever you need to. No, we are not talking about the feature of marking an email “unread”.  There is a more dedicated and convenient feature offered by Yahoo Mail i.e. the facility to flag emails for future correspondence. To know how to Flag a message for follow up in Yahoo Mail, follow the instructions provided below.

Steps to Flag an Email for Follow-Up in Yahoo Mail

There are two versions of Yahoo Mail available. One is Yahoo Mail Basic version and second is Yahoo Mail Classic version. More or less, steps for both the version are same.

Flag an Email for Follow-Up in Yahoo Mail Basic Version

1.) The first way to flag an email in Yahoo Mail Basic version is to select the checkbox next to the email and select Star option from the menu bar on the top under Actions column. Select Star and click Apply button. The particular message will be flagged.

2.) Another way is to simply open the email which you want to Flag. Once opened, go to Actions column, select Star and click Apply. The message will be highlighted.

3.) In case you are looking to Flag multiple emails, you can directly click the Staricon located next to each email in your Mailbox. Alternatively, to select multiple emails (in consecutive), select the checkbox next to the first email and then press Shift along with clicking the checkbox next to the last email that you wish to flag. This will select all the emails in between them. Then, go to Actions, select Star and click Apply to flag all the emails.

4.) Moreover, you can also Flag an email by opening it and clicking the “L” key on your keyboard. To deselect, you will need to press “L” key on your keyboard again.

So, this is how you can easily Flag an important email message in your Yahoo Mail account.

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