How To Get Rid of Yahoo Search On Chrome?

Yahoo search on Chrome

Yahoo search is a good search engine for getting information about anything on the internet. One can easily make it a default search engine in his web browser to make it fast and easy to find information about any person, place or product.

However, many Google Chrome users have reported a problem with their browser making the Yahoo search a default search engine automatically. And, when they try to uninstall it, they are not able to do so.

This is generally because of hacking activities that Chrome users are redirected to the without their approval. If you are having a problem and want to get rid of yahoo search on your Chrome browser, you can fix the issue by following below mentioned steps.

Note – You can also change your browser setting but it may not fix your issue so we suggest you to permanently delete Yahoo install program to fix your issue.

Steps to Getting Rid of Yahoo Search from Chrome Browser:

NOTE: Following steps are especially for Windows 10 and Windows 8

1.) On your computer, right click on the Windows Start button and select Control Panel option from the menu. Control Panel window will open on your computer screen.

2.) Under Control Panel window, click on the Uninstall a program option located under Programs category.

3.) When Programs and Features window appears on the screen, scroll down through the list of programs installed on your computer to locate Yahoo Search program. Uninstall it from your system.

4.) Also, look for programs that you suspect have got installed without your consent. Uninstall all such programs.

5.) Alternatively, you can see the most recently installed programs on your computer by clicking on the Installed On column. This will sort all the programs as per their installation date. Scroll through the list to remove all unwanted programs.

6.) Also, make sure to scan and clean your computer from Malware as they are mainly responsible for causing such issues in your web browser. Install a good Anti-Malware program on your system and scan your computer.

7.) Then, restart your computer and open your Google Chrome browser to see if the problem is fixed.

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Bill BlackmorePosted on 10:22:34 - December 2019, 02

Too bad, but this didn't work at all. In the list of programs/apps that I can uninstall, there is nothing with the name Yahoo or etc. Nothing at all! I got rid of it for a few weeks by running AdwCleaner but then it came back. Nice try, but this solution is just another one that does not work.

YuriPosted on 03:05:48 - December 2019, 05

The Yahoo search is not listed in the installed apps (: So these suggestions don't help.

Jake AvilaPosted on 06:26:00 - December 2019, 31

how about u show the video except for reading it.

Samantha ValdiviaPosted on 09:25:29 - January 2020, 13

It does not show YAHOO as being installed. How do I get rid of it then?

Andrew WellsPosted on 04:40:57 - January 2020, 30

Yahoo doesn't show on programs in control panel

kikiPosted on 02:09:45 - March 2020, 21

i didnt see the yahoo email but i did follow the advice of looking for things i didnt install and it lead me to think of what i had just installed or accepted which was MCAFEE i could have spelled that wrong but you should know what i mean...i uninstall McAcfee w.e its gone yahoos gone im happy hope that helped someone

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