How to Use GoDaddy Email Forwarding Option

GoDaddy Email Forwarding

Want to set up a workspace forwarding email address to your GoDaddy account? Before you do that you should know the difference between regular email and a forwarding email. They are two different accounts/ account types that a user can have in workspace email.

A regular email account will enable you access, send, and receive your emails from webmail. A forwarding email account fetches direct incoming messages to another email address where you wish to receive all the messages (emails).

All set to use GoDaddy email forwarding option? Take a look through the below steps and carry out the task.

Setup Forwarding Email Address in GoDaddy

  1. Sign-in to your GoDaddy account
  2. Look for the “My Products” option
  3. Go to the “Additional Products” section and click “Redeem” (next to Email Forwarding)
  4. Click the domain linked with your email forwarding account
  5. Hit “Redeem Credit
  6. Move to the “Workspace Email” section where you need to select the link that says “Manage All” to open Workspace Control Center
  7. Click the “Create” option
  8. Click the Forwarding button
  9. You need to complete the fields shown on the screen
  10. Finish the process by clicking the “Create” option

The above-furnished information will surely come in handy in setting up your forwarding email address. Though looks quite complex, it is easy to fathom and can be executed. If you cannot complete the process, don’t lose hope. We have the best professionals at your disposal.

They are industry trained and can be reached out via toll-free mobile number, email address, and many other ways. The dedicated team is available for round the clock to assist you in the smartest way.

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