Hotmail Login Page Not Working Or So Slow Loading

Hotmail Login Page slow not working

It can be quite frustrating if you urgently need to sign in to your Hotmail account but you are unable to do so as the sign-in page is either not opening or loading very slow. And what adds to this frustration is the inability to determine the reason causing the issue.

If you are also facing trouble accessing your Hotmail account due to page failure or sluggish loading, you can follow the measures provided below in this guide.

6 Steps to Fix Slow Loading Issue With Hotmail

NOTE: It is suggested to follow the below-mentioned measures in the sequence they are mentioned below. If the first measure doesn’t help you fix the problem, you can move to the next measure and so on until the problem gets resolved.

1.) First of all, it is suggested to make sure that your internet connection is not too slow. Open a web browser on your computer and open any website to check if the internet is working as usual or not. If using a Wi-Fi network, make sure your computer is within the Wi-Fi range.

2.) Make sure that the web browser you are using to access your Hotmail account is compatible. An incompatible browser can also cause problem loading or accessing Hotmail sign-in page.

Tip- Hotmail is working fine with Chrome

3.) Check whether or not the web browser you are using is running with the latest version. Using an outdated or older web browser can also cause trouble launching or accessing Hotmail sign-in page.

4.) A web browser enhancement such as an add-on or plug-in can also result in such errors. So, make sure that no such browser extensions are causing the error. For this, try disabling each add-on and plug-in (one at a time) to see which enhancement is actually causing the problem.

5.) Clear the cache, cookies, and temporary internet files from your web browser. This is because any corrupt file in the browser can also cause such error.

6.) Try accessing your Hotmail account using a different web browser, internet, and computer to see if either of them is causing the problem.

In most of the cases, following the above-given measures should fix the problem; however, if the problem persists even after following the instructions, it is best to contact Microsoft customer support and seek appropriate assistance for your problem.

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