How To Change My Hotmail Password?

change hotmail password

“I am using this password for my Hotmail account since I signed up with Hotmail. Well, is this the reason that I’m frequently losing contact with my Hotmail account? In fact, those contacts that were there in my contact list are frequently getting spam and anonymous emails in their account.”

Here, you can see that the real problem is that Hotmail user kept the same password for years which eventually got leaked or went into wrong hands; but the user is not able to realize the need for changing the password.

This is a best practice for any email account user to change the password in a frequent interval of time. This helps to keep the account password lost or hacked activity away from your account and you don’t need to worry about losing your account control, in case you have kept the account opened on some public computer.

In order to change the password of your Hotmail account, here we have this quick guide for all users. It has a step by step guide for users to get the account changed easily.

4 Steps to Change My Hotmail Password

  1. Start with signing in to your Hotmail account, and then click on the Security option
  2. Here, click on Change password option here
  3. You need to enter your current password to proceed further, then the new password you wish to update with your Hotmail account, and then enter the new password again to confirm it
  4. Also, click on the Save button
  5. These are just the quick steps to get your Hotmail password changed easily

The above method is for Hotmail users who are using the computer and web browser. Yet, there are some users who use their Hotmail account on their iPhone, which they wish to change on their device only. The above method will be a little difficult to use on your iPhone; so we have this quick guide for you.

5 Steps To change Hotmail Password on iPhone?

  1. Start from your home screen of your iPhone
  2. Now, move to the Settings option in your iPhone
  3. Here, click on the option Mails, Contacts, Calendars in it
  4. You also need to choose your Hotmail account for which you wish to change the passwords
  5. And there in the password field, you can re-type the new password and save the settings for future

You have two different ways to get your Hotmail account password changed, one is your web browser and another is using your iPhone if you have. You can choose any of these methods to get the things done.

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