How to Contact Fastmail Technical Support?

Some issues and errors are quite common in almost all email services whether it is Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, iCloud Mail, AOL, or FastMail. While some of such common issues and errors are easy to fix, however, some of them requires assistance from professional technical experts. In such a case, you can always get in touch with the customer support team of your particular email service. If you are having issues with your FastMail account, you can seek assistance from the support team of FastMail. To know how to contact FastMail support service, follow the guide provided below.

Guide to Contact Fastmail Technical Support

1.) On your web browser, go to the official page of FastMail via link and click on the Support option located on the top-right corner of the page.

2.) Once you get to the FastMail Help & Support page, you will be able to get assistance for your issues accordingly.

3.) To get an instant answer for your issue or query, enter the relevant keyword related to your issues in the Search box and click on the SEARCH button. You will get a list of documentation related to the entered keyword.

4.) Alternatively, you can browse the different categories provided on the page and get a solution to your problem accordingly.

5.) In case the above-mentioned guides are not sufficient, you can click on the “Contact our support team” option (highlighted in blue color) in the first paragraph. You will be directed to the Support ticket page.

6.) Simply sign in to your FastMail account and provide appropriate information for different sections which include Contact Email, Name, Request type, Subject, Details, and Attach file (if any).

7.) After that, click on the checkbox next to “I’m not a robot” option and then click on the Create ticket button. You will get assistance quickly for your issue.

So, these are some of the ways to contact Fastmail support service team.


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