How To Fix Microsoft Outlook Crashing Issues?

Some issues and errors are common when using your Outlook email program, especially with Office 365. If you are having issues like Outlook is not responding, Outlook is crashing even when you are not using it actively, or Outlook is crashing when you launch it, for all such sort of issues, You can follow the information provided in this article.

Steps to Fix Microsoft Outlook Crashing Issues

STEP 1: Check Possible Issues That Are Caused by Add-Ins

1.) Quit Outlook and open the Run dialog box on your computer. As per the version of Windows you are using, you can do this by following the instructions provided below:

  • If you are using Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 8, you will need to press the Windows Key + R on your keyboard.
  • If you are running Windows 7, you will need to go to the Start Search bar and type Run and then select Run.

2.) Enter Outlook/safe in the provided field and click on the OK button.

3.) If the issue is resolved, go to the File menu, click Options and then click on the Add-Ins option.

4.) Next, select the COM Add-Ins option and click on the Go option.

5.) Then, make sure to click to deselect all the checkboxes in the list and then click on the OK button.

6.) After that, restart your Outlook program and add the add-ins one by one to check which one is exactly causing the problem.

STEP 2: Repair Office

1.) Go to the Control Panel on your computer and click on the Uninstall a program option.

2.) From the list of installed programs, simply right-click on the Office option and select the Change option. After that, click on the Online Repair option.

STEP 3: Run Outlook Diagnostics

NOTE: To run this diagnostic, make sure your O365 account

1.) Start by running SaRA on your computer.

2.) On the first screen, you will need to select Outlook and then click on the Next button.

3.) Next, you will need to select one of the below-mentioned options as per the issues you are facing and then click on the Next option.

  • Outlook keeps hanging or freezing.
  • Outlook won’t start
  • Outlook keeps crashing with a message “Microsoft Outlook has stopped working”.

SaRA will run some diagnostic checks and bring some possible solutions to help you fix the problem in your Outlook program.

STEP 4: Create a New Outlook Profile

1.) Launch Control Panel on your computer and click on the Mail option.

2.) Next, click on the Show Profiles option and choose the profile which you wish to remove.

3.) After selecting the profile, click on the Remove option.

NOTE: When you remove a profile, it also removes the data files associated with it. So, make sure to back up the data. Alternatively, you can simply create a new profile instead of removing the current profile.

4.) Next, click on the Add option and go to the Profile Name section. Enter a suitable name for the new profile.

5.) Then, you will need to specify a user name, primary SMTP address, and password. After that, click on the Next option.

6.) On the next screen, you may get the following message – “Allow this website to configure alias@domain server settings?” If you see this message, select the checkbox for the option – Don’t ask me about his website again and then click on the Allow option.

7.) After that when prompted, you will need to enter your login credentials and click on the OK option.

8.) When the Setup gets completed, click on the Finish option.

STEP 5: Perform SaRA Advanced Diagnostics Before Contacting Support

If the problem still persists, contacting Microsoft support can help you overcome the issue. However, before that, it is suggested to run the following diagnostic. The result that you get from following these steps will help support engineers in reviewing them and providing the appropriate solution for your problem.

1.) Run SaRA on your computer.

2.) Next, select the Advanced diagnostics option and click on the Outlook diagnostic.

3.) Then, you will need to select the option – Create a detailed report of my Outlook, Office, Windows, and mailbox configuration and click on the Next option.

So, these are the ways to fix Outlook crashing issues on your computer and make your Outlook email program function as usual.

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