How to Insert an Image in Your Yahoo Email signature?

insert image yahoo mail signature

Many Yahoo Mail users prefer to use Mail signature in their account for their outgoing emails. One can make use of different fancy text formatting tools to create their email signature. Moreover, if a user wants, he/she can also insert an image into their Yahoo mail signature. To know how to insert an image into your Yahoo Email signature, follow the steps provided below.

10 Steps to Insert an Image into Yahoo Email signature:

1.) Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account and move your mouse cursor to the Gear icon located on the top right corner of your Yahoo Mail account page.

2.) Under the gear icon’s drop-down list, click on the Settings option. A new window will open on the screen.

yahoo mail setting

3.) Under the Settings window, select the Account tab and select your email address from the Email addresses section.

4.) Now, scroll down to find the Signature section. Once located, click on the checkbox located next to the option Append a signature to the emails you send.

5.) Next, to add an image, you will need to copy it. If you have an image on your computer, you‘ll first need to upload it online so that it becomes accessible through your web browser. There are multiple websites where you can upload the image and add it to your Yahoo Mail signature.

6.) Make sure to resize the image in case it is very big. Doing so will make it look better with your email signature.

7.) Then, simply give the images a suitable position as per your preference in the signature window by positioning the cursor at the desired place. If you want, you can also add regular text with the image.

8.) Now, right-click your mouse button and paste the copied image. For the Window OS, you will need to press Ctrl + V and for MacOS, you will need to hit Command + V.

9.) Once done, click on the Save button.

10.) Now, you can try sending a test email to see if the image is getting sent with the email.

So these are the simple steps to easily insert the image in Yahoo Email signature.

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