How to Know Your Yahoo Mail Limit?

know yahoo mail limit

Almost every email service comes with a size limit. Once this size limit gets over, one may not be able to send/receive email messages from/in his email account. Yahoo Mail offers its users a 1 TB (Terabyte) online storage for their email account. This storage space includes everything from emails to attachment sent or received. Utilising this much of space may take a lot of years; however, it generally depends on the frequency of emails and attachments one send from his or her Yahoo Mail account.

In case you think you might be close to the saturation of the provided limit, you can check the status of your Yahoo Mail limit by following these steps.

7 Steps to Check the Status of your Yahoo Mail Limit:

To know how much of your quota for storage of emails in Yahoo Mail account remaining, make sure you are using the full version of the Yahoo Mail. Checking your Yahoo Mail limit in basic account is not supported. So, make sure to switch to the newest Yahoo Mail before checking Yahoo Mail limit.

1.) On your Yahoo Mail account, go to the gear icon located in the top right corner of your account and select Settings from the drop-down list.

2.) Under Settings window, look on the bottom left corner. You will see the amount of storage utilized in percentage form.

3.) If you see the storage percentage running in the 90s, simply click cancel and take action accordingly.

4.) You can clear the storage space by removing the unwanted emails and attachments from your Yahoo Mail account.

5.) Start by emptying the Trash and Spam folder.  To remove emails from these folders, simply click the Trash icon located next to each folder. Click the Trashicon and then click Ok button. Emails from these folders will be removed, giving you a bit of more space.

6.) Also, you can Archive old or large mail to your computer’s local storage or alternate Yahoo Mail (or any other free email) account.

  • To Archive email messages, set up your Yahoo Mail account using IMAP in an email program which is capable of supporting multiple IMAP accounts.
  • To archive to another email account, make sure to set it up in the same email program using IMAP.
  • To archive on the computer, create a folder in the email program that will keep the archived messages.
  • Move all the emails that you want to archive from the source to the desired destination i.e. local folders (on the computer) or another email account.

7.) You can find the big email messages in your Yahoo Mail account by:

  • Searching for emails that contain attachments in your Yahoo Mail account on the web.
  • To do so, enter “has attachment” in the Search bar of your Yahoo Mail account. Make sure you have selected the All Mail option when searching.
    • Click Search Mail. All the messages with attachments will appear on the screen.

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