How to Make a New Free Yandex.Mail Account

Although there are plenty of email options to sign up for (you might be already using a couple of them), Yandex.Mail stands apart from the crowd. Not only Yandex.Mail enjoy spam free and virus free experience. Its reliable, secure and offers unlimited storage space. With so much and many more exciting features, Yandex.Mail can be your perfect email service provider. If you wish to create Yandex account, follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.

Steps to Create Yandex Account:

1.) Go to the Yandex.Mail page and click on the Create account option.

2.) Enter your first name under First name field and last name under Surnamefield.

3.) Now, type your desired Yandex.Mail username in new email address filed under Enter a username option.

4.) Likewise, enter your password in Password fields.

5.) Next, you will need to pick a security question and answer it. This is important as this will help you in recovering your account in future whenever you forget your password or if someone hacks your account.

NOTE: Make sure to type the answer with a combination of alphabets and numbers to make it tough for others to guess.

6.) Then, you will need to enter your phone number under Mobile number field. Click on the Send code option to verify your phone number. In case you don’t want to share your phone number, you can simply click on I don’t have a mobile phone number option.

7.) Choose a question. You will need to answer the question in order to gain access to your account in case you ever forget the password. Try to enter the answer in such a way that it is difficult for others to answer.

8.) After that, type the characters and numbers shown in the CAPTCHA image under Enter the characters.

9.) Select the checkbox next to option – By clicking “Register”, I agree…

10.) Finally, click on the Register button. Your new Yandex.Mail account will be created.


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