How to Open Outlook in Safe Mode?

outlook open in safe mode

If you are facing a problem accessing or operating your Outlook, it is suggested to open outlook in safe mode or use the safety switch. Although open outlook in safe mode will not load many of the customization files and add-ins, it will help in ascertaining in case the problem is one of the add-ins or customization files (If Outlook works fine in Safe Mode). If you don’t know how to open outlook in safe mode, the following guide will help you.

4 Steps to open Outlook in safe mode

To open outlook in safe mode, you can make use of any one of the following methods to launch Outlook using a command-line switch:

  1. Hold Windows key and R key, then type “outlook.exe /safe” in the field and hit OK.
  2. For Vista or Windows 7, use can type “outlook.exe /safe” in the Start Search field and press Enter.
  3. For Windows 8, the user will need to press Windows key to drop back to the Start screen and type “outlook.exe /safe“.
  4. If you are seeing a Run option on your start menu, click it and type “outlook.exe /safe” in the field and hit OK.

NOTE: Mostly, you will only need to type outlook or outlook.exe, however, in rare cases, you will need to use the complete path to Outlook.

Usually, the default location of Outlook is C: Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeXX, (XX is being the version number). You can find it in the Quick Launch shortcut by right-clicking on the Outlook shortcut and selecting Properties. You will see that the default switch is /recycle. Replace it simply with /safe and press Apply. Then launch the Outlook by double-clicking on the shortcut (leave the dialog box open). Once Outlook opens, replace /safe back with recycle and hit OK.

In case you are facing a problem closing the Outlook, go to the Task Manager > Processes and check if it’s running or not.

List of Safe Switches Available

1.) /safe (For All Outlook Versions)

  • Outlook opens without extensions, toolbar customization, Reading Pane.

2.) /safe:1  Outlook 2003/2007

  • Outlook opens with the Reading Pane off.

3.) /safe:2  (For Outlook 2003/2007 only)

  • Outlook opens without checking mail at startup.

4.) /safe:3 (For Outlook 2003/2007)

  • Outlook opens with extensions turned off, however, listed in the Add-In Manager.

5.) /safe:4 (For Outlook 2003/2007)

  • Outlook opens without loading Outcmd.dat (toolbars customization) and *.fav file.

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