10 Way To Fix If Outlook Not Receiving Emails

outlook not receiving emails

Did someone send an email to your Outlook account but you couldn’t find it in your inbox? If the sender has sent and you didn’t receive it, there could be several reasons. In fact, there are 10 ways to look for the issue and fix it. Take a look –

1.) Check Junk Email Folder: Go to the ‘Junk Email’ folder in your Outlook.com folder list to search for the missing email. There are possibilities that you will come across messages which should not have been marked as junk.

You should select the messages, right-click each mail, and ‘Mark as not junk’. It will move straight to the inbox.

2.) Check Other Tab: Users of Outlook will have two inbox tabs – Focused Inbox and Other Inbox. Focused Inbox contains messages that matter to you the most. If you have enabled Focused Inbox, chances are that some messages might go into the ‘Other’ tab.

You should right-click the message, select ‘Always move to Focused Inbox’ or ‘Move to Focused Inbox’. This would allow Focused Inbox to filter important messages that should go to the Focused tab.

3.) Clean Inbox: From time to time, you need to clean your inbox by deleting messages that are no more important to you. If the inbox is full, there is no way you are going to receive any new messages.

Besides emptying unimportant messages, you should delete the junk folder. To do that you need to right-click Junk Email > Delete all.

4.) Check Safe Senders and Block Sender List:

  • Click Settings and then ‘View all Outlook Settings’
  • Click ‘Mail’ and select ‘Junk Email’
  • You need to enter the email address of the sender and click Add > Save (Safe Sender)
  • If the sender’s email address is listed under Blocked senders, remove the address and Save (Block Sender)

5.) Check Inbox Filter and Sort Settings: Another reason that you cannot find the message in its place is because of inbox filter and sort order. If the sort order has changed or your inbox is filtering messages based on categories, fix it first.

  • To filter, choose Filter > All
  • To sort order, choose Filter > Sort by
  • Choose ‘Date’, if you want to see recent messages
  • Click ‘From’, to look for messages from a particular sender

6.) Check Email Rules:

  • Go to Settings > View full settings
  • Here, you need to select ‘Mail’ and then click ‘Rules’
  • Here, you need to do one of the following:
  • You can select one rule, which you wish to delete. Then click Delete
  • Or, select the specific rule and ‘Edit’ to change the rule settings. Save

To come back to Inbox, click ‘X’ located at the upper right of the ‘Settings’ window

7.) Account Is Blocked? You must check whether your account is temporarily blocked when you don’t receive or send an email. The reason is that the officials spot some unusual sign-in activity in your account.

8.) Email Forwarding Option: If it is turned on (the email forwarding option), there is least possibility that you would receive emails in your Outlook account.

  • Select Forwarding Settings
  • Click ‘Stop Forwarding’

9.) Remove Connected Accounts: Outlook facilitates your emailing experience by allowing you to connect a maximum of 20 other email addresses to yours. If you have done that (means if you have connected over 20 accounts), there is no way you can receive or send any messages from any of your connected email accounts.

So, what you should do is to get rid of those connected accounts (should not exceed more than 20) and keep it less than 20.

10.) Contact the Sender: Tried all the above-mentioned solutions? Still, can’t receive emails in your inbox? You must contact the sender and inform him/ her about your experience. Let the sender know that – ‘your message is not being delivered to my Outlook account’ and ‘you should contact Microsoft support through postmaster.live.com’.

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Frank GenadioPosted on 01:43:39 - January 2020, 04

I installed a new processor and loaded Office. In Outlook, I can send but not receive. It is not my email server's problem because I can find the messages on their back-server. I have checked rules and filters; nothing there to block incoming messages. How can I receive emails?

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