How to Switch to Yahoo Mail Basic In Yahoo

Don’t like the Full-featured version of Yahoo Mail? No issue as Yahoo Mail also includes a simple version known as Yahoo Mail Basic. Although you may lose several advanced features that are offered in the Full-featured Yahoo Mail, however, if you are working on a slow internet connection or browser, Yahoo Mail Basic is perfect […]

How to Sync Yahoo Contacts With Android Phone?

Yahoo Mail allows its user to easily synchronize all their Yahoo contacts with their Android device’s address book. To do so, users just need to install the Yahoo Mail app on their Android device and sync yahoo contacts with android phone. This will allow the users to access contact info in any other applications that […]

How to Sync Yahoo Calendar With iPhone Calendar

From setting alarms for the next morning to scheduling meetings and events, we like to set reminders in order to be able to make time for them. Yahoo Calendar is considered to be very handy in setting reminders for upcoming commitments. To make most of this feature while you are on the go, you can […]

How to Import Contacts to Yahoo Mail from Gmail and Facebook?

Yahoo Mail has always been popular for being full of amazing and useful features. One of such amazing features in Yahoo Mail is the facility to import contacts from online portals such as Facebook and Gmail. If you want to add contacts from your Gmail or Facebook account to Yahoo Mail, the following steps will […]

Yahoo Keyboard Shortcuts To Use Email In a Professional Way

There are many features and functionalities in Yahoo Mail that most users are not familiar with. One of such features includes Keyword Shortcut. Yahoo keyboard shortcuts allow a user to easily perform different email functions faster regardless of the web browser he or she accesses it on. Whether you want to compose an email, mark an email […]

How To Fix Yahoo Mail Temporary Error?

Temporary Error 14 – You can’t get into your account this time! Temporary Error 23 – We’re experiencing some technical difficulties, please try after some time! Temporary Error 19 or Error 999 – Your account is temporarily locked, you can’t get access to your account now! The temporary errors are just temporary and won’t last long; yes the […]

How to Contact Yahoo Mail Support Helpline Service?

Yahoo Mail is known for its reliable and secure platform, however, like other email services, it is also known for presenting different sorts of issues in its features and functionalities one or another time. If you have any sort of issue or query with your Yahoo Mail account, you will need to contact Yahoo mail […]

How To Set Up Yahoo Account Key

Get Account Key! The idea to set up Yahoo Account Key is the best way to get the top security feature on your Yahoo Mail account. When your password fails, you need to think over the other alternatives for keeping your account safe and secure. The Yahoo Account Key came as a rescue for Yahoo users; this […]

How to Fix IMAP/POP Configuration Error In Yahoo?

When you face issues sending or receiving emails in your Yahoo Mail account on an email program or a mobile device, the problem is generally caused because of an error in IMAP or POP configuration. In order to fix the Yahoo IMAP setting issues, follow the suggestions provided below. Steps to Fix Yahoo IMAP Setting […]

How to Submit an Email Restoration Request to Yahoo?

If you accidentally removed any email(s) from your Yahoo Mail account (from the trash folder as well), fortunately, there is a workaround that can help you recover you’re deleted or missing emails in Yahoo Mail. To recover your lost or deleted emails, you will need to submit a restoration request to Yahoo. If all goes well, […]