Protect Your Account With Yahoo Mail 2 Step Authentication

When it comes to the security of your Yahoo mail account; we all rely on a conventional password. The password is just to get some unauthorized access to in your account; but when your account has been hacked due to lack of security feature.

So, how we can secure our Yahoo Mail account?

The mass hacking of Yahoo accounts made Yahoo to look back and increase the security of their accounts. Yahoo has two more ways to keep your account secure; Yahoo Mail 2 Step Authentication and Yahoo Account Key. You can activate any of these two to increase the security of your Yahoo account.

We have this quick guide to learn the right way to enable Yahoo Mail 2 Step Authentication and make your Yahoo account safer. This is easy; you just need to be ready with your mobile phone for verification. This mobile number will be needed to sign in to your Yahoo mail account, every time you want to get access to it.

Steps to enable Yahoo Mail 2 Step Authentication

  • First, you need to get in your Yahoo account by signing in and go to the Account security page
  • From the Two-step verification option, click on the toggle button to enable it; it will be in ON mode
  • Here, you need to enter your mobile number for verification process
  • Then, click on Send SMS to get a text message with a code or click on Call meto receive a phone call for code
  • You will get the verification by any mean; so enter the verification code and then click on Verify button
  • You have successfully enabled the 2-Step Verification security feature for your Yahoo Mail account
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Once you enable it; they go to test the security feature. This is really helpful to understand how it works. You need to just go to Yahoo Sign-In page and use your username and password. Once you are done; then it will ask you to use the security code sent to your mobile number, use the code from your phone and get in. This is the correct way; if you don’t have your mobile phone with you, you can’t get in. So, make sure to be ready with your phone for any such sign-in troubles.

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