How To Recover Deleted Gmail Account?

recover deleted Gmail account

If you have accidentally deleted your Gmail account and it has not been more than two days, chances are you will able to recover deleted Gmail account. To know how you can recover your deleted Gmail account, follow the guide provided below.

7 Steps to Recover Deleted Gmail Account:

NOTE: Google allows users to recover their deleted account if you act as quickly as possible. Google keep such deleted accounts only for a short period of time. If you act fast, you might have a chance to retrieve your deleted Gmail account.

1.) Generally, Google keeps deleted accounts for two business days only, however, these two days should not be taken for granted. Therefore act as soon as possible.

2.) To begin with, go to the Google sign-in page, enter your deleted email address in the provided field and click Continue.

3.) Now, you will be asked to enter the last password you remember the deleted Gmail account. Enter the password and click Continue.

4.) Once you will click Continue, you will be prompted on the next screen that your account was deleted. Along with it, you will see a link for recovery request form. Simply click on it. However, in case you do not see any recovery request form on the screen, unfortunately, your account has been permanently deleted by Google.

5.) If you see the link and have clicked on it, you will get a series of verification steps to perform. You will need to

  • Provide an alternate email address which you have access to.
  • Answer the question regarding your password.
  • Answer last time you accessed your account.
  • Enter the information as to when you created your Gmail account.

6.) On the basis of this information, Google will try to verify your authenticity as the rightful owner of the account. Even if you don’t know the answer to any of the prompted question, try to be as accurate as you can. Submit the request and wait for Google’s response.

7.) Keep checking your email (which you provided to contact) at regular intervals in order to see whether your account has been recovered or not.  In case your account would have been deleted permanently, you will get an email regarding that as well. However, be hopeful and wait for Google’s response.

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