How To Recover Forgot Gmail Password

Whether you forgot Gmail password or you think your account has been hacked, changing or resetting the password is the ultimate way to easily recover your Gmail account. To know how to recover forgot Gmail password by resetting the password, follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.

Steps to Reset Forgot Gmail Password:

1.) Visit Google Sign-in page and enter your email address/phone number in the prompted field. Next, click on the Next button.

2.) Now, on the next screen, click “Forgot password?” This will be direct you to next page where you will need to provide the last password you remember for your Gmail account.

3.) Once entered, click Next button. Then, verify yourself as the owner of the account by fulfilling the requirement on the next screen. For that, either you will be asked to recognize your phone number or your email address. Depending upon the option you choose, you will receive a verification code on your email/phone.

4.) Enter the code which you received on the next screen and click Next button.

5.) If the verification code gets verified, you will be allowed to reset a new password for your Gmail account on the next page.

6.) Enter the new password in the provided fields under Create new password. Click on the Change Gmail password button, your new Gmail account password will become effective.

7.) Click on the Change password button will direct you to next page where you’ll need to review your account’s security settings. Once reviewed, click on the Continue to Gmail button. You will get access to your Gmail account.

Don’t Have Register Phone Number or Recovery Email?

If you don’t have the above details, you have to answer some of the questions which Google will ask you to verify your account. That’s easy, isn’t it?

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