How To Find Email Using Yahoo Mail Search?

find old email in Yahoo

Sometimes, locating email(s) can be quite a trouble in your email account, however in Yahoo Mail; you will never need to worry about any email as it offers an amazing Search tool that helps find any email in your Yahoo Mail account regardless of the folder they are in.

To know how to locate your important emails using Yahoo Mail search, follow the guide provided below.

6 Steps to Find Old Email Yahoo Search:

1.) Sign in with your Yahoo Mail account and find the Search option located in the top section of your Yahoo Mail window.

2.) Enter the email address or any related Keyword or Subject title in the Search bar and press Search Mail button. All the emails related to the email address or keyword entered by you will appear in the result.

3.) Find the email from the search result. Also, if you want to search an email in a particular folder, simply enter the email address of related keyword in the Search box and click on the down-arrow key located just before the Search bar. Select the folder in which you want to search the email. Result for that particular folder will appear.

4.) In order to easily access your important email and save your searching time, you can mask such emails by clicking the Star icon located next to them.

5.) However, if you are unable to locate the email in any folder, there can be a possibility that you may have accidentally deleted it. To recover such deleted emails, you can submit a restoration request to Yahoo.

6.) However, before submitting the restoration request, make sure to consider the following:

  • Once requested, you will not be able to cancel the restoration process.
  • Emails that would have been deleted in last 7 days will be only restored.
  • Restoration is not always successful.
  • Once the restoration process gets completed, restored emails will be moved to the same folder where they were as per the time frame selected by you to restore.

So, this is how you can find emails using Yahoo Mail search.

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