How to Select All Messages in a Yahoo Mail Folder?

Yahoo Mail is available in two versions – the Basic Mail version and the full-featured Yahoo Mail version. Yahoo recommends using the full-featured version as it comprises many useful features and an engaging interface that is not offered in the Basic Mail version. You can check and take action on all email messages in a folder of the full-featured version but not in the Basic Mail version. However, if you wish to prefer a simpler interface, you can go for it anytime.

select all messages in Yahoo

Yahoo Mail comprises of many amazing features and shortcuts that help the user in easily carrying out different tasks in their Yahoo Mail account. One of such features that most users are not familiar with includes selecting all the email messages in the Yahoo Mail folder. To know how you can quickly select all the emails in your Yahoo Mail folder, follow these steps:

5 Steps To Select All Message In Yahoo

1.) Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account and open the folder in which you want to select all the emails.

2.) In case you want to delete an email from a particular email address, you can enter the email address in the search bar. All the emails from the email address will be shown in the result.

3.) Now to select all the emails, you will need to click Ctrl + A. Doing so will select all the emails. You can now take the desired actions on these emails by choosing the appropriate option from the menu bar located on the above part of your Yahoo Mail account.

4.) Alternatively, if you want to select, let’s say 1 to 5 emails and then 10 to 15 emails in your folder, simply click on the checkbox next to the first email, and then while pressing the Shift key, click on the 5th email. All the emails i.e. 1-5 will get selected. Now to select the next 10 to 15 emails repeat the same process. Click on the 10th email and then press the Shift key and click 15th email simultaneously. Emails from 10 to 15 will get selected.

5.) So, this is how you can easily select all the emails in your Yahoo Mail folder.

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