How to Send Fax from Gmail?

send fax from Gmail

Though email messaging might be leveraged widely by the users these days to communicate with others at both personal and professional level, Faxing has not lost its luster completely. There are certain nations and some departments of different countries who still rely on Faxing for carrying our different tasks.

While Email and Fax services are different in mechanism, if you wish to send a Fax from your Gmail account, you can do so easily by following the instructions provided below.

Steps to Send Fax using Gmail Account

Well, Gmail doesn’t come with an in-built feature to send a fax to anyone; however, there are numerous third-party services which you can link to your Gmail account to send Fax from Gmail account. Below you can find the steps to send fax using a third-party email service with your Gmail account.

1.) Once you have signed up for an online service which supports faxing by email, the next step is only to compose and send a fax from your Gmail account.

2.) In your Gmail account, you will need to create a new email message by clicking on the Compose button located on the top-left corner of the window.

3.) Next, you will need to enter the fax number of the recipient with the area code in the “To” field followed by the domain of your fax provider. For example, if you have an eFax account and you are trying to send a fax to 1-313-444-4444, you will need to enter the following in the “To” field: [email protected] This domain value (in respect to is specific to your particular fax service. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that you have entered the correct information before proceeding further.

4.) Now, you can include the contents of the actual fax which you wish to attach with your file. Formats such as DOC, JPG, PDF, and TXT, etc. can be easily attached to the fax. Majority of fax services are known for allowing multiple attachments.

5.) To attach files, you will need to click on the Attach files option (paper clip) and located at the bottom of the New Message interface.  In case you are using the Gmail app, you will need to tap on the paper clip icon located in the top-right corner of the screen.

6.) If you want you can also include a cover letter when faxing from your Gmail account. For this, you will need to type the desired content for the cover letter in the body of the message.

7.) Once you are done with both cover letter and attachment(s), you will need to hit the Send button. Your fax will be transmitted right away.

So, these are the steps you will need to follow in order to send a Fax from your Gmail account using third-party services.

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