How to Set up Yahoo! Mail Filter

An organized mailbox is a blessing for today’s generation. They merely get time to arrange the emails in the inbox according to the folder. So setting up the filter is the ultimate thing for them. The filter of Yahoo Mail is a great tool to auto-organize your mailbox. You can dump unsolicited emails to the different folder to make it clean.

8 Steps to Set Up Yahoo Mail Incoming Filter

You need to create a rule for the Incoming email in Yahoo Mail. Here are the steps to create the rule to set up the filter in Yahoo Mail.

  1. Go to the Gear icon located on the top right corner of the page.
  2. Click on the Settings from the drop-down menu
  3. Now select Filters category
  4. Create an email filter rule by clicking on Add button. Now name the filter according to the subject. You can also create the filter on the basis of the sender by inserting the email address or the full name of the sender.
  5. If you want to edit an existing filter, then highlight the rule in the filter list you want to edit. Now click Edit and make changes in the filter
  6. Now you have to clearly specify the criteria on the basis of which the emails will be filtered under ‘If an incoming message meets all of these conditions’.
  7. Now you have to choose the folder for the filtered messages to be delivered by selecting ‘Then move the message to this folder’.
  8. Now click Save

Example of Yahoo Mail Filter

  • If you want to filter emails from a particular sender, then insert the email address under From and from and make the line read From contains [email protected] You need to uncheck the Match case section.
  • If you want to filter the emails sent to your alternate email address, you need to put the address under To/CC.
  • If you want to filter emails from any particular mailing list which have the name of the list in their subject, then you have to enter the name of the list under Subjects which reads Subject contains (name of the list)
  • When you want to filter the emails which have marked as urgent, you need to create the subject line read Subject begins with (Urgent).
  • If you want to filter those messages which don’t have your name as the main receiver then create a filter which reads To/CC does not contain [email protected].

Remember, you cannot make, create or modify filters in Yahoo Mail Basic. You always need the full version of Yahoo Mail to set up filters.

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