How to Set Up HushMail On Mac Computers?

hushmail setup on mac

Setting up your HushMail account on Mac Computer is quite easy. Having your HushMail account configured on your Mac computer allows you to access your email easily without any requirement to login to your HushMail account each time to check emails. If you are using a Mac computer and wish to set up your HushMail account on it, you can do so easily by following the step-by-step instructions provided below.

7 Steps to Configure HushMail account on Mac Computer

1.) On your Mac computer, go to the Mail application.

2.) Click on the Mail option and select Preferences option.

3.) Under Preferences, click on the Accounts option and select + button.

4.) Now, select the option – Other Mail Account and then click on the Continuebutton.

5.) Next, enter your Name as you would want to make it appear to others when you send an email. Enter our complete Email Address and then enter your HushMail passphrase in the Password field.  Once you are done entering the required information, click on the Sign In button.

6.) In case you see a message in red which says “Unable to verify account name or password”, this means that you will need to enter some additional information.

  • Incoming Mail
  • Outgoing Mail

After that, click on the Sign In button.

7.) Then on the next screen, select Mail option and then click on the Done button. Your HushMail account will get added to the Mac Mail successfully.


In case you have trouble sending email, you can try the following alternate SMTP server settings to troubleshoot the issue.

Alternate SMTP server 1

  • Server
  • Port: 587
  • SSL: Enabled

Alternate SMTP server 2

  • Server
  • Port: 465
  • SSL: Enabled

So, this is how you can easily configure your HushMail account on your Mac computer.

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