How to Set Up a Vacation Auto-Reply in Yahoo! Mail

auto reply in yahoo

The season of vacation is knocking at the door! You must have some plans for this season of celebration. And vacation auto-reply is the thing you just need at this very moment. When you are taking a break from your work, the vacation auto-reply will send you the response to the sender explaining the reason for not any manual response. Now here are the steps to set up a vacation auto-reply in the Yahoo email.

10 Steps to set up the vacation auto-reply in Yahoo:

  1. Log in to your Yahoo account
  2. Now click on the Gear icon to access the Setting menu
  3. Select the Vacation Response category
  4. Under the Automatic response, check Enable during these dates
  5. Now insert the start and end date under the Form and Until tabs
  6. Now insert the desired response under Message tab you want to send to all the senders of the incoming emails. You can include a note regarding the reason and expected the date to back in work. You can use the Toolbar to format the text of the message.
  7. You can also uncheck Different response to the email from a specific domain. It will send the alternate message to any users who all share a domain. You must check the box next to Different response to emails from a specific domain and then enter the domain from under the First Domain tab for which the sender will get the alternative auto-reply. If you want to send the auto response to be sent from the emails of all the employees of the company then enter the ‘’ including the quotation mark.
  8. You can add another domain, by entering the address under Second Domain tab. If you don’t want to add any second domain, then make sure that 0 is typed under the Second Domain tab.
  9. Now type the desired alternative message under the tab Message.
  10. Now click on Save

Yahoo vacation auto-reply will never send the reply to a repetitive sender who will receive the reply for the first email only.

6 Steps to set up vacation auto-reply in Yahoo Mail Basic:

  1. Click on Account Info menu and then select Options from the top navigation bar.
  2. Now click on GO and open the Vacation Response section.
  3. Check the Enable auto-response during these dates and specify the start and end date for the vacation auto-reply.
  4. Type the message you want to deliver in the box under the heading Message.
  5. Check the Different response to emails from a specific domain to send the different response for the emails from a specific domain; otherwise, keep it unchecked.
  6. Now click Save and close the settings.

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