How to Share Outlook Calendar

There are multiple ways to share calendar information with other people in Outlook. Depending on the requirements, you can select any of the below-given methods to share your calendar information with others. Whether you want to schedule a meeting with a colleague at another company, or whether you want to share it via email, below you can find steps to every method.

Steps to Share Outlook Calendar:

Share your Calendar in an Email

1.) Click on the Calendar tab in your Outlook.

2.) Next, select Home and then click E-mail Calendar.

3.) In the Calendar and Date Range column, select the calendar and the time period which you wish to share in an email.

4.) Make changes to any other options if you want and click on the OK button.

5.) After that, when the new email opens, add the person’s email address with whom you wish to share Outlook calendar (in “To” field). Type the message which you want to send in the email and click Send. The snapshot of your calendar will be sent to the email addresses entered by you. Also, the recipient will get a .ics file which they can open in Outlook or another calendar program.

Share Outlook Calendar with People inside your Organization

1.) Click on the Calendar tab and go Home and then Share Calendar option.

2.) In the email that opens on your screen. In the “To” field, add the name of the person in your organization with whom you wish to share your calendar. Enter the message which you want to send in the email and click Send.

3.) The recipient in your organization will receive the sharing invitation in the email and can click Open this calendar option to view the calendar shared by you.

Share your Calendar with People Outside your Organization

1.) Click on the Calendar tab and go Home and then Share Calendar.

2.) In the email that appears on your screen. Then in the “To” field, simply type the email address of the person to whom you wish to send the calendar.  Type the message and click Send.

NOTE: In case you see an error message displaying “Policy does not allow granting permissions at this level to one or more of the recipient(s). Please select another permission level and send the sharing invite again.”

In this case, under Details, select to share a different level of details as sharing policy can only be changed by the admin of your organization.

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